please let me know about the infrastructural facilities of iit bhubaneswar

please let me know about the infrastructural facilities of iit bhubaneswar


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8 years ago
In the arena of worldwide infrastructural escalation, School of Infrastructure at IIT Bhubaneswar has come up to dedicate excellence in engineering education, creation of knowledge, innovation in research and leadership in professional services. The mission of the school is to offer unbounded academic environment in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, doctoral program, research, and public service. School of infrastructure aims to have an academic space for interaction between all disciplines of engineering related to infrastructural development, namely, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Design, Town Planning, and Traffic and Transportation Engineering. Presently, it is offering B. Tech. and Ph.D. programs in Civil Engineering. Programs in other disciplines of engineering will also be offered shortly. The school promotes students to engage in extra-curricular activities and research oriented assignments to nurture their organizational skills and innovation.


The school is having a highly dedicated team of faculty members with a strong passion for furthering the cause of teaching and research. They have outstanding research contribution in their own fields of specialization, the details of which are available in the relevant web pages. They welcome dedicated students for pursuing their cutting edge research and offer state of the art consultancy in the area of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure which strengthens IIT Bhubaneswar’s service to the nation.

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