Find the local extrema of abs(x-1/x+1)

Find the local extrema of  abs(x-1/x+1)


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Askiitians_Expert Yagyadutt
askIITians Faculty 74 Points
13 years ago

Hello baha


there are two ways to solve this problem one with graph and other with simple let me first tell you by calculation


So i am solving it with graph which is quite easier one...


Y = | (x-1)/(x+1) |  =  | (x -2 + 1)/(x+1) | = | 1 - 2/(x+1) | 


Given figure is the graph of this function




From the graph it is clearly visible that function has minimum value at x= 1 ..hence this is local minima ..and at +-infinty it has maxima..which is global maxima...

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