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Sir what is better - Aerospace, Engineering physics or Mathematics and Computing?

Sir what is better - Aerospace, Engineering physics or Mathematics and Computing?

Grade:12th Pass

4 Answers

Jitender Singh IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 158 Points
7 years ago
Hi Archit,
If you are getting Maths & computing at IIT D, just go for it & dont think twice because the placements are damn good. Aerospace & Engineering physics both are good branches & better field for research. But aerospace will be better for research. Also, you should mention to which IIT which stream you are getting.
Good Luck!
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
Archit Singh
18 Points
7 years ago
Sir I’m getting the following branches
  1. M&C (4 year) at Kanpur and Guwahati and 5 year integrated at BHU and Kharagpur.
  2. Aerospace Engineering (5 year integrated) at Kharagpur
  3. Engineering Physics at Madras and Delhi
Kindly recommend which of these would be the best option.
Archit Singh
18 Points
7 years ago
Please answer sir I’m getting really confused what to pick :/
Vineet Vinayak
22 Points
7 years ago
PLEASE CHOOSE THE BRANCH THAT YOU LOVE BY LOOKING AT WHAT EACH BRANCH WILL ALLOW YOU TO DO. PLACEMENTS ARE USELESS. THEY ARE TEMPORARY. IF YOU REALLY WANT GOOD CAREER GROWTH TAKE THE DEPT OF YOUR LIKING. you cant compare 2 different branches. dont suffer by taking a branch that you dont like. for a given branch, compare institutes, and not the other way around. one guy took cs thinking it gives good placements. he finally realized that he loved mechanical a lot, and suffered for 4 years, after which he took an mtech in mech. hes doing very well in singapore. so please think abut the stream first and then college. look at the curriculums for each subject and then decide. m&c is part cs. aero is mech, elctrical and electronix. engi physics is only physics. choose wisely. engi phy madras>delhi.m&c kgp=kan>bhu>guwahati. btwn branches, you have to decide.
all the best 

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