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What is natural disaster.its control,effect on environment causes?

What is natural disaster.its control,effect on environment causes?

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Saurav Kumar Thakur
15 Points
2 years ago
All the calamitiess on the earth that occur naturally and cause a lot of destruction of human beings like Earthquake, flood, landslide, volcanic erruption, etc are called as Natural disasters.
                Its control measures are inlisted below;
  1. By doing afforestation and reforestation.
  2. By preserving natural means and resources.
  3. By managing and controlling the overgrowth of population.
  4. By controlling the pollution of land, air, water, sound, and many other.
  5. By controlling global warming, etc.
​                                 Its environmental effects are;
  1. Destruction of property of human beings.
  2. Global warming increases.
  3. Climate increases.
  4. Population increases.
  5. Eco-system will be altered.
  6. Pollution will increase.
  7. Deforestaion will occur.
  8. Quality of soil will decrease, etc.

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