question 1 : The electron dot structure for B F 3 ​ is :

question 1 :   The electron dot structure for BF3
 is :


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Vikas TU
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3 years ago
Dear student 
. In the case of BF3, both boron and fluorine have their valence electrons in 2p. But in BBr3, lone pair electrons are in 4p while valence electrons of Boron are in 2p. So, the size does not match. Also, electronegativity of the halogen decreases down the group. Hence, effectiveness of back bonding with Boron decreases down the halogen group.
ankit singh
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3 years ago
Boron has 3 valence electrons. Each Fluorine atom has 7 valence electrons. All total this molecule has 24 valence electrons. The Fluorine and the Boron atoms mutually share their electrons with each other, to fulfil the octet of Fluorine, but Boron's octet is not fulfilled.
Moreover, this molecule is trigonal planar in shape, with angle between the bonds being 120 
 . This shape is symmetric in nature, hence BF 
  is non-polar in nature.
irshad hussain
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2 years ago
There are a total of 24 valence electrons for the BF3 Lewis structure. After determining how many valence electrons there are in BF3, place them around the central atom to complete the octets. Boron is the least electronegative atom in the BF3 Lewis structure and therefore goes at the center of the structure.

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