Pneumatophores are generally present in Mangrove plants Xerophytes Hydrophytes Epiphytes

Pneumatophores are generally present in
  1. Mangrove plants
  2. Xerophytes
  3. Hydrophytes
  4. Epiphytes

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askIITians Faculty 164 Points
8 years ago
Hello students,
Correct answer is Mangrove Trees
So we are talking about Pneumatophores, these are modified roots and laterally grows upwards in hydrophytic trees for varying distances. As they are aerial roots which are meant for exchange of gases in these hydrophytic plants so the answer is mangrove plants.
These plants show negative geotropism and grows Pneumatophores (Specialize root structure) outside the water in upward direction which help them in the exchange of gases.
you can easily seen these types of plants near you in ponds and other areas where stop water is present.
Other options such as:
Xerophytes are plants found in the environment where is lack of water.
Hydrophytes are the plants found in water but not all type of hydrophytes have tendency to show negative geotropism and produce pneumatophores
Epiphytes are the plants which are grows on other plants and they do not harm them like Mosses

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