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Grade: 12th pass
Monerans with smallest living cell 
1) have peptidoglycan nature of cell wall
2) are facultative anaerobes
3) have only one type of nucleic acids 
4) reproduce mainly by multiple fission
Plzzz answer this with explaination
one year ago

Answers : (2)

40 Points
Answer Is 1) Have peptidoglycan cell wall. 
because this is the characteristic property of monera.
whereas option 2&4 is ambiguous not certain property of monera 
and option 3 is contradictory. since its not in our syllabus to answer that.. therefore we will choose option 1. 
hope that answers your question
one year ago
Nabajit Kalita
13 Points
it will be option B

the smallest living cell of monera is mycoplasma.
it doesn’t of cell wall.
also it has two types of nucleic acids.
doesn’t show multiple fission .

it i facultative anaerob as it can survive in absence of oxygen too .
25 days ago
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