Any one please tell what is the definition of cell adhesion molecule?

Any one please tell what is the definition of cell adhesion molecule?


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7 years ago
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) are proteins located on the cell surface involved in binding with other cells or with the extracellular matrix (ECM) in the process calledcell adhesion. In essence, cell adhesion molecules help cells stick to each other and to their surroundings.
Dr.Adam Shaik
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7 years ago
Hi Divya Pandey,
The cell adhesion molecules(substances) defines the biomolecules located over the cell, that help in binding with any other substances.
Insulin receptors present on all the cells-Allows insulin to bind with cell and helps in entry of glucose in to cell.
T-cell Antibiodies- Have cell adhesion ability only with infected cells (Cancerous cells)
B-cell Antibodies-Have cell adhesion ability with antigens on cells of Microorganisms.

Cell adhesion molecules can be called as Recognition molecules, Receptors etc.,
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Cell adhesion molecules are a class of transmembrane or membrane-anchored glycoproteins that project externally from the plasma membrane, and which form adhesive contacts.Their numerous functions include morphogenesis and tissue formation.There are a number of molecular subgroups, which are broadly divisible on the basis of their calcium dependence. Also there is evidence for coordinated interaction between the subgroups.
Hope you got the answer.

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