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vinay sr Grade:

Find the equation of ellipse whose centre is C(3,4) and focus S(2,3) eccentricity e=1/2[.5] Is this a case of tilted ellipse ? Plz explain the solution


7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Rakhi Mukherjee Sarkar
32 Points

The question is very good, but it requires figural explanation which is not possible throw normal forum post.

Here I am giving the general formula to find the equation of an ellipse. Hope you may get a hint to solve the question.

If (a, b) is the focus, e is the eccentricity and lx + my + n = 0 is the equation of directrix, then for any point (x,y) on the ellipse the equation is (x - a)2 + (y - b)2 = e2 (lx + my + n)/ (l2 + n2). 

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7 years ago
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