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NIDHIN Grade: 12th pass
        If x^2+2x+n-10>0 for all real number x, then which of the following conditions is true?A, n11
one year ago

Answers : (4)

moumi roy
78 Points
wi couldnot understand the question properly .i guess that u want condition on n for dis 2 happn.
for dis discriminant(D) has 2 b less than zero as f(x) is >0 for all x.
so 4-4(n-10)
one year ago
moumi roy
78 Points
srry there is amistake in the calculation of the answer
its D
hope dis the needed thing thank u
one year ago
moumi roy
78 Points
again there is a mistake its not comming out properly .Idont know why.after typing on answer digit are mingled like this time i will write in words to make it proper.hope this is understandable.ans is that n must be greater than 11 as4-4(n-10) which is the discriminant is less than n comes out to be greater than 11
one year ago
26 Points
										Hey  see according to the question on any value of x the equation must be greater than zero. So its roots are imaginary .    On putting in the question we get 11
10 months ago
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