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please give suggestion to me how to prepare for aiims exam by self preperation without taking any coaching.

please give suggestion to me how to prepare for aiims exam by self preperation without taking any coaching.

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Raheema Javed
156 Points
6 years ago
Hi Student
1) Study according to the weightage of marks of all the chapters. The weightage for AIIMS is same as it is in AIPMT exam. Give time to those chapters which carry more marks in AIIMS and study them in detail.
2) Solve as many as you can the previous year question papers of AIIMS because the pattern of questions is different. So its important for you to build the aptitude for the same.
3) Remember that you are human not a machine, so take rest. Take breaks between reading and revising.
Anjali Ahuja
askIITians Faculty 240 Points
6 years ago
Hi Student
Self preparation is the must need for preparing for any exam whether you are enrolled with some coaching center or not.You just need a proper schedule and books for studying.
You can purchase Modules from askiitians which will be very useful as it contains compiled chapters for studying and preparing for any exams.
If you have enough time, You can also go through the detailed books of Required subject.
And yes practice as much as you can. You can practice question papers of last years as well.
Just be disciplined abd dedicated. Work hard.
Good luck.
askIITians Faculty 131 Points
6 years ago
Hello Student,

You can enroll for our Self Study Courses also which include Video Lectures, Study Planner, Mindmaps, Test Paper with Video Solutions and Revision Notes. All this at an introductory price of Rs 100 per chapter.

Please check the link given below which you can copy and paste to open it in a new browser


You can open the website, On the Home page, you will find first option – Our Courses (green in color) and under Our Courses, there is second option Self Study Courses.

Hope that this will help you in self study

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