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How much marks in NEET can provide a good government college?

How much marks in NEET can provide a good government college?


2 Answers

3783 Points
3 years ago
Hi Niti
You should try to score atleast above 510-520 marks for a good government college seat . The more you will get above the 510 marks the better college you will get :)
If you need any help in preparation or have any other question do let me know
Hafiz shah s.r
25 Points
3 years ago
Considering this year's meet ,a mark of 510 won't give u a govt seat on all India quota should be having at least a mark of 545 for admission into a govt medical college on All India basis....
However there's still chance for u to study in a govt college and that depends on in which you reside...for example if you are in Kerala  a mark of 580+ only will guarantee you a govt seat based on state quota ....but if you look into states like Tamil Nadu, Assam even a mark of 450+ will earn you a govt seat......

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