can you prefer me a timetable to studyfor neet 2018/aiims2018

can you prefer me a timetable to studyfor neet 2018/aiims2018


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Vasanth SR
askIITians Faculty 1335 Points
6 years ago
Work on your exam well like syllabus, exam dates, pattern. Have a defenite study hour and work hard. split the content according and give preference to important topics. Never stop revising and practice papers. Give yourself an appropriate amount of rest to keep yourself energetic.
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6 years ago
Dear friend, it will be better if you join some online test course, they will provide you the material. Then try to finish one chapter of each subject (PCB) and solve all MCQs from NCERT books.Solutions are also available online. Start with class 11.Then solve online course test papers. After that solve “chapter wise solved solutions of last 17 years” available from “Disha Publications”. After that prepare your very compact revision notes, which you can revise within no time. All this should be done in 2 days. Keep in mind that atleast 150+ MCQs you must practice on daily basis. Remember to revise daily before going to bed. If you do this way, I feel you can complete full syllabus in time with lot of confidence to write your final exam. Best of luck. 

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