What to expect from 164 marks in aieee 2010 ??? i am from u.p..... and also explain abt gettin colleges from eml in jee....thanks

What to expect from 164 marks in aieee 2010 ??? i am from u.p..... and also explain abt gettin colleges from eml in jee....thanks


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14 years ago

Dear deej

your pridicted rank in AIEEE is around 30000.

under home state quota you will get better rank to this.

This year  The pattern was similar to AIEEE 2009 , Overall a balanced paper , Difficulty level increased a bit compared to last year Maths was the toughest paper out of the three.

However  slight differencein score  may create lots of difference in rank.

For further details you can visit the following:

for deail opening and closing rank in AIEEE 2010 check the link

EMl is declared after making some relaxation in minimum cuttoff mark.Almost 6 times(60000 student)  the jee selected student is placed in EML list ,these student can take admission in other colleges .but these college has no connection with IITs.

EML in jee has not much  sigificance .

Iwill advice you to joint NITs or other good college in AIEEE .

The list of institutions that will be using the EML of JEE is given below. The list may be updated time to time.

List of Collges for EML

1.  Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

2.  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

(a)   Mohali
IISER Mohali

(b)   Pune

(c)   Kolkata
IISER Kolkata

(d)  Bhopal
IISER Bhopal

(e)  Thiruvananthapuram
IISER Thiruvananthapuram

3. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Society (RGIPT)

4. Indian Institute of Maritime Studies (Merchant Navi)

Indian Institute of Maritime Studies, MUMBAI

For availability of courses, admission schedule, fees structure and any other information related to these institutions, please visit their

respective websites or contact them directly. This information will not be provided at JEE websites or by the JEE offices.


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the answer and detailed  solution very  quickly.

 We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

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dj deej
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14 years ago

What will get me a better college - 135 marks in jee(eml) or 164 marks in aieee ??? And what colleges can i possibly get from these marks in aieee ??? thnks.......

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