Which one is true solution: a.) Sugar sol b.) Blood c.) Starch d.) Ink

Which one is true solution:
a.) Sugar sol
b.) Blood
c.) Starch
d.) Ink

Grade:12th pass

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Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 60787 Points
2 years ago
We can check these solutions by checking their mixture and by checking size of mixture particles. True solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. Step by step solution: A true solution is a homogeneous mixture with uniform properties throughout. Particle size of solvent is less than 1nm. Particles of true solutions cannot be filtered through filter paper and are not visible by naked eyes. In true solution the particle size of solute is about the same as that of the solvent. And solvent and solute pass directly through the filter paper. For example: solution of sugar in water. And we know that colloidal solution is a heterogeneous mixture which has particle size between 1-1000nms. Example of colloid is smoke, in which small particles of solid float in the air. Colloidal particles are big enough to be filtered by parchment paper or animal membrane. From the above explanation we can say that blood, ink, starch are colloidal solutions and sugar sol and salt sol are true solutions. So, the correct answer is “A”. Note: Just like true solutions, colloidal particles are small enough and we cannot see them through naked eyes. Solute particles of true solution do not settle down when left undisturbed.

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