Which are the competive exams in class 9?

Which are the competive exams in class 9?


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Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty 2400 Points
9 years ago
KVPY and olympiad level exams...
Prateeti Sengupta
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9 years ago
You can go for NSTSE by unified council,NCO, IMO, IEO and NSO by SOF.  You can also appear for Olympiads of Phy, Bio, Chem, Maths, Astronomy etc. conducted staewise, region wise and internationally also. also you can go for KO, Geogenius, SCYGANSTSE, ASSET, IAIS etc...
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8 years ago
kvpy is not for class 9. In class 9, you can go for olympiads. If you want to participate in olympiads, contact the competition incharge in your school or visit ""
good luck
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon
217 Points
8 years ago
Please do not apply for KVPY now.. That is only for 11th, 12th or first year of college..

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