which are the best books foe IIT foundation for class 8 , 9 10 th ?

which are the best books foe IIT foundation for class 8 , 9 10 th ?  


4 Answers

Nikunj Khanna
37 Points
8 years ago
In classes such like this ccording to me you should prefer to R.d. Sharma along with R.S. Aggarwal and NCERT. It would really help you in getting a good score in your school and will give you some heigher level knowledge too
Saloni Rakholiya
104 Points
8 years ago
i usually frefer foundation course MTG books for class 8 9 10 for science and RD Sharma and RS aggarwal for maths. Mtg will help you really.......
Rupam haloi
23 Points
5 years ago
I think pearson books are the best books as it provides a huge amount of concept related questions. There are a lot of books like rd sharma, rs aggarwal which is also good but Pearson books are very different from others available.
12 Points
5 years ago
I would suggest pearson and mtg books as they cover the school syllabus topics as well as many conceptual questions.For maths buy BMAs iit foundation and olympiad explorer.

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