Board of Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad

Board of Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh, AllahabadExamination Name: - Class 12th Board Exam, 2019

Conducted By: - Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad

Examination Date: - Month of March, 2019          

Official Website: -


With an aim to provide quality education at an affordable rate, Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad came into existence in the year 1921. It was in the year 1923, when the board conducted its first High School and Intermediate examination.

The board conducts its first public examination after 10 years of education as high school examination and after the 10+2 stage, there is an Intermediate Examination.

Uttar Pradesh Board class 12 Important Date

UP Board Intermediate exams for Arts, Commerce & Science will commence from March 2019. The board is soon going to announce the UP board class 12 time table for the year 2019.  For more details students may visit the board’s official website or can stay tuned for more updated information about the class 12 examination 2019.

Steps to view the 12th class time table 2019:

  • Click on the official website of Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad
  • Click on the 12th board date sheet/time table 2019 to view.
  • Date sheet will be displayed in the PDF format.
  • Click on download to save the date sheet for further use.

Uttar Pradesh Board Class12 Paper Pattern

Physics Paper Pattern

Chemistry Paper Pattern

Maths Paper Pattern

Biology Paper Pattern

The paper has a unique pattern with word limit in each question.

  • The first six questions comprise of two marks each and need to be answered in 30 words.

  • The next six questions are of 3 marks each and are to be written in about 50 words.

  • Section C comprises five questions of 4 marks each.

  • The last five are 5 marks questions and are to be written in about 120 words each

The paper is divided under 3 sections namely Section A, Section B & Section C. The first section of the paper carries ten compulsory questions. Each of the questions in the section is very short answer type.

The second section carries eight short answer type questions out of which candidates need to answer only six questions. The third section has three main long answer type questions, out of which candidates have to answer any two.

Since Maths paper has no sectional division, hence all the questions are aligned one after another.  There are a total of 30 questions which the students need to answer. The paper pattern of this paper is very simple and the marks of the questions depend upon the difficulty level of the questions. Some questions carry two marks while some carry three or four marks. Difficult questions carry five or six marks.

The time allocated for this paper is three hours.

Biology Paper carries three different sections namely Section A, Section B & Section C. Each part has different questions set with different marks and the students need to attempt from every section.      

The paper consists of 60 marks where section A offers a total of 20 marks questions while section B has 24 marks questions, with 6 main question carrying 4 marks each.  The third section constitutes  4 questions, where students need to answer only 2 questions, with each carrying 8 marks.

Uttar Pradesh Board class 12 Syllabus

Uttar Pradesh syllabus for class 12 is based on the current trends. The Board successfully prescribes courses to make the learning pattern of students much easier.

Download Uttar Pradesh class 12 syllabus now.

Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 Books

askIITians prescribe some of the best books for the students of class 12. The list of books is as under:





The Merchant of Venice

Intermediate English Poetry

Intermediate English Short Stories

Intermediate Current English grammar

Vidya Prakashan


Intermediate Physics Part 1

Intermediate Physics Part 2

Intermediate Physics Practical Book

Vidya Prakashan


Intermediate Chemistry Part 1

Intermediate Chemistry Part 2

Intermediate Chemistry Practical Book

Vidya Prakashan


Intermediate Mathematics Part 1

Intermediate Mathematics Part 2

Vidya Prakashan


Intermediate Biology

Intermediate Bilogy Practical Book

Vidya Prakashan

UP Board class 12 Papers

There are several benefits that make UP Board class 12 Papers such as sample papers and past year papers a one-stop solution for students in terms of revising the syllabus. By using these papers, students can get to know the question pattern and can also work on the important topics for better marks.

Some of the benefits of using sample papers and past year papers are:

  • Past papers and sample papers help students understand the importance of syllabus

  • It helps students detect the weaker areas and the process by which they can work on them beforehand.

  • It helps students know the question paper pattern in a better way.

askIITians brings in solved sample papers and past year papers for the students of class 12. Moreover, these papers offered by askIITians are quite comprehensive and are easy to download.

Tips & Tricks

Physics Tips:

Physics as a compulsory subject in science stream plays great importance in competitive examination as well.  Here are some valuable tips to excel in your physics examination.

  • You can only learn the subject when your concept is clear. Hence, understand the applications properly and if you face any problems or doubts in any of the chapters; clear them with a teacher as soon as possible.

  • Practice numerical questions apart from the theoretical type questions.

  • Improve your speed by practicing past year papers and sample papers

Chemistry Tips:

Chemistry is a scoring subject in science stream. Students preparing for chemistry need to know the various elements of inorganic chemistry to score better in the examination. Below are the tips for chemistry which can help you score better in the examination.

  • Try solving sample papers every week. It will help you in time management and would help you know the exam pattern in a better way.

  • Do not take much stress if you tend to forget the learned topics. Prepare a timetable and keep at least 2 hours daily for revision. A regular revision can help you score good marks.

  • Attempt theoretical questions based on Numerical. This will help you achieve good marks in the paper.

Biology Tips:

Biology is a very important subject for the board exams as well as several medical exams like NEET (AIPMT) and AIMS.

  • Biology doesn’t involve only learning; rather it requires understanding as well. If you succeed in understanding different topics of biology, you can learn any chapter in biology easily.

  • The best way to learn biology is to write them down on papers. Writing can help you memorize the topic easily.

  • Refer your class books while studying as most of the questions are based on the syllabus prescribed in the books. Following too many books can be a hindrance in your preparation.

Mathematics Tips:

Mathematics is one of the important subjects in PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics). Its uses and applications can be seen in various areas of Engineering (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT) Science & even in Research etc.

Below are some useful tips to help you out with mathematics.

  • Revise all the formulas regularly to avoid last minute stress.

  • Give special attention to Solving linear equations, Row & Column Transformation, Mean Value & Rolle’s Theorem, Limit of Sums, Maxima & Minima Questions, and Binomial Distribution.

  • Answer your questions properly. A single mistake in mathematics can change the entire sum and can lead you to a wrong answer.

  • Practice sample papers and past papers within the given timeframe. It will help you manage time during the exam.


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