ICSE Class 10 Reference Books

With ICSE class 10 board exams coming nearer, most of you might be having exam thrill, while some might be afraid of the bitter consequences if unable to prepare well for the exam. Although, class 10 board exam marks an end of your secondary school life yet, opens the door of arena where you step in to chase your dream destination.

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Scoring good marks in ICSE and ISC exams is not a big deal if you focus on some of the key aspects during your preparation. Below are some prescribed reference books & quick tips to help you perform well and excel in your board exam preparation. Follow them and see the result for yourself.

ICSE books for Class 10

Students who will be giving their ICSE board exams in 2015, may refer the below prescribed books. These are the best books for ICSE class 10 preparations as they can ease your exam preparation and can help you score good marks in the upcoming examination.

Recommended ICSE Books



Together with Biology Class X (ICSE Based) (English) 13th Edition (Paperback)

A. Jacob

Together with Physics for ICSE Students Class-X (English) (Paperback)

Mukesh Kumar Gandhi

Concise Physics I. C. S. E. 2015 (Part 2 For Class 10) (Paperback)

Selina Publishers (2013)

Together with Chemistry Class X (ICSE Based) (English) 13th Edition (Paperback)

Anshu (Suri) Gulati

Concise Chemistry I. C. S. E. 2015 (Class 10) (Paperback)

Selina Publishers (2013)

Icse Mathematics For Class 10 / E5 by Asit Das Gupta-English-Bharati Bhawan by Asit Das Gupta-English-Bharati Bhawan

Asit Das Gupta-English-Bharati Bhawan (English)

Together with English Language for Class-IX-X (ICSE Based) (English) 12th Edition (Paperback)

A. K. Saxena

Merchant of Venice (English) 1st Edition (Paperback)

Turner W

Together with History & Civics Class-X (English) 11th Edition (Paperback)

Nilima Dayal

Together with Hindi for Class-IX-X 7th Edition (Paperback)

Meenakshi Shrivastav Pushplata Sareen Pushparani


  1. English

To obtain good marks in English papers I and II, students need to be good at vocabulary and grammar. Apart from this, the students also need to read and understand the poetry and prose parts of the text books so that they can write the answers fluently.

  1. Mathematics

In order to avoid the silly mistakes while answering to the questions, students need to read the question paper very carefully. Since, chapters like Geometry, Constructions, Statistics, Mensuration etc. are scoring topics, hence students need to practice the various model problems of each topic. Revise important formulas on daily basis to avoid further difficulties.

  1. Science

Physics, Chemistry and Biology together constitute the Science subject. If your next target is engineering or medical, you have to concentrate well on the basic concepts of the topics, definition and most important; the experiments.

  • Physics is all about derivation and numerical. Hence, in order to score well in Physics paper, students must be thorough with the derivation and numerical problems of various topics.

  • Chemistry is all about chemical formulas, reactions, chemical equations and numerical problems. Therefore, practice these things regularly to score well in chemistry.

  • Biology is all about diagrams and technical terms that have been used in various topics. Hence, you need to make yourself familiarize with these terms by practicing these diagrams again and again.

  1. Social Sciences

History, Civics and Geography together constitute the social science paper. Students have to give more importance to understanding the various topics of History and Civics rather than learning them by heart. Also remember that Map work in Geography paper can score you good marks; hence practice it as much as you can.

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