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Class 7 Science Revision Notes - CBSE

Class 7 Science Revision Notes we present here have been prepared by the best and most popular tutors of askIITians. Almost all these tutors are IITians. Those from Biology background have also studied at the best colleges and universities in India. All these tutors have impeccable academic track records and years of online teaching experience and the Science revision notes they have prepared for Class 7 students include all the details about the Science chapters they cover.

Science concepts in the revision notes for class VII students have been explained in very simple language. Information has been presented in the form of diagrams, images, tables and graphs wherever possible to make it easier for the students to remember it. Though these notes are based on the NCERT syllabus, they touch upon several additional details that children of this age can easily grasp. Based on their experience, our teachers also touch upon topics that make it easier for students to prepare for school-level exams as well as Science Olympiads.

If you dream of becoming an engineer or doctor one day, these Science revision notes for Class 7 are a keeper. Some of these topics have already been covered in Class 6 Science Revision Notes. Here, the teachers have built upon the basics you learned earlier and add more depth and breadth to the knowledge you already have.

Class 7 Science Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter

Nutrition in Plants


Respiration in Organisms


Nutrition in Animals


Transportation in Animals and Plants


Fibre to Fabric


Reproduction in Plants




Motion and Time


Acids, Bases and Salts


Electric Current and its Effects


Physical and Chemical Changes




Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate


Water: A Precious Resource


Winds, Storms and Cyclones


Forests: Our Lifeline




Wastewater Story

How can these Class 7 Science Revision Notes help you?

Learning theories suggest that how you revise makes a lot of difference in how much you learn and how long you are going to remember the information you have learnt. On the basis of these theories, here are our five suggestions on how to use the Class VII Science revision notes for best results:

  • Organised information helps you learn better: Class 7 revision notes you see here structure the information in the best possible manner. They mention how a topic is related to the other topics you have covered in the past. When you mull over the given information, you understand it better and hence, remember it better.

  • A chapter a day: It has been observed that spacing out your revisions is better than cramming. So, if you have revised a Science chapter today, practice its questions and put down the notes for the day. A 24-hour gap between revisions works best and helps you excel more.

  • Explore the topics on your own: It is true that the Science revision notes we present here for Class 7 students have been prepared by some of the brightest and well-experienced teachers. Still, if you take out time to explore a few things on your own, you will maximise your learning. It might take more time to look up things and find more about them but the process will help you develop the right academic skills you need to succeed later.

  • Write down the answers as expected: The big mistake that many students make during revisions is that they memorise the notes but do not practice enough. Revision notes help you with re-visiting the important concepts a chapter covers while solving questions trains your mind to retrieve them as required.

  • Revise before you go to bed: A 2012 research by Jessica Alber and her team showed that it is best to revise before you sleep or take a nap. The rest makes it easy to remember things for a longer duration of time.

Do share these free Science revision notes for Class VII with all your friends and classmates and form a study group that motivates you to excel in academics.


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