Solved Examples on Polymers

Question:1, The correct functional group X and the reagent/reaction conditions Y in the following scheme are  (IIT-JEE 2011)

(A) X = COOCH3, Y = H2/Ni/heat

(B) X = CONH2, Y = H2/Ni/heat

(C) X = CONH2, Y = Br2/NaOH

(D) X = CN, Y = H2/Ni/heat

Answer: A,B,C,D


Condensation polymers are formed by condensation of diamine or diols with dicarboxylic acids.

So, X may be  -COR, -CONH2, -CN

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a) What is the structure of nylon-6, made by alkaline polymerisation of caprolactom?

b)  Suggest a mechanism for the process. Is polymerisation of the chain reaction or step reaction type?


The reaction is anionic chain reaction polymerization, involving nucleophilic substitution at the acyl group of the cyclic amide. The base could be OH itself or the anion formed by abstraction of the –NH proton from a molecule of lactam.

Question:3, Identify the compound C


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