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Solved Examples on Excretory Products and Their Elimination

Question1: Ureters act as urogenital ducts in [CBSE PMT’2011 M]

(a) Human males

(b) Human females

(c) Both female and male frog

(d) Male frog

Answer: d


In male frogs the sperms are carried through the ureters, hence in male, ureters are called urinogenital ducts.

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Question2: Uricotelic mode of passing out nitrogenous wastes is found in [CBSE PMT’2011]

(a) Reptiles and birds

(b) Birds and annelids

(c) Amphibians and reptiles

(d) Insects and amphibians

Answer: a


A uricotelic organism produces uric acid as a result of deamination. Examples of such organisms are birds and insects.

Question3: Which one of the following is not a part of renal pelvis? [CBSE PMT’2011]

(a) Peritubular capillaries

(b) Convoluted tubules

(c) Collecting ducts

(d) Loops of Henle

Answer: c


Renal pelvis is the innermost portion of kidney. So, collecting ducts are not a part of renal pelvis.

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