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Chapter 20: Definite Integrals

Definite Integrals​

Definite integral is generally considered to be a tough topic by students. It must be studied after one is thorough with the concepts of indefinite integrals. The topic is flooded with formulae related to change of limits etc. and hence demands consistent practice. It is an important component of the IIT JEE Mathematics syllabus and so students cannot dare to skip this topic. It not only requires learning of all important formulae but also requires a good speed with thorough knowledge of integration. For more details use the links given below:

Click here → Study Material of Definite Integrals

Click here → Revision Notes of Definite Integrals

Exercises of Definite Integrals – Class 12th R.D. Sharma Solutions

Definite Integrals Exercise 20.1
Definite Integrals Exercise 20.2
Definite Integrals Exercise 20.3
Definite Integrals Exercise 20.4
Definite Integrals Exercise 20.5


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