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IIT Foundation & Olympiad Explorer Mathematics (Class 6)

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Salient Features:

  • In the book, students are introduced early to the Objective Type Questions. Besides detailed chapter wise explanations, this book is interspersed with Brain Teasers, Crossword Puzzles, Concept Maps, Practice Lessons, fun exercises etc., for an engaging and challenging experience.

  • This book has basic practice questions as well as graded exercises with objective type questions that include previous years’ contest questions. This book prepares students for all National and State Level Olympiads, Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiads and NTSE.

  • Also included in the exercise section are paragraph questions, reasoning questions and assertive questions that test the students’ comprehension, reasoning and analyzing skills. Thus, after each lesson, students also have a practice section to hone the skills developed so far.

??We all know that planning and preparation are the keys to successfully clearing the IIT joint entrance exams.IIT Foundation and Olympiad Explorer Mathematics Class 6 by Brain Mapping Academy begins preparing and orienting students for IIT entrance exams as early as Class 6. The IIT Foundation series by Brain Mapping Academy covers the entire range of primary and secondary school syllabus, beginning with this book for Class 6 students and continuing all the way up to Class 10.

The foundational stage is the most essential period in the development of a strong mathematical skill set. Integrating the preparatory course for IIT JEE into the current school syllabus, the IIT Foundation and Olympiad Explorer Mathematics Class 6 provides a strong foundational base for students. The book is arranged chapter wise, in sync with the current curriculum for ICSE/ CBSE/ Boards of Secondary Education of all states. Each chapter begins with a clear, concise and easy to understand conceptual background lesson before moving on to examples and practice problems

  • Complete AIPMT/AIIMS Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: Rs. 15,900
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