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Chapter-wise Topic - wise Questions - Solutions Biology for Medical Entrances 1st Edition
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Contents Covered:

Part - I

Unit I (Diversity in the Living World)
The Living World
Biological Classification
Plant Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

Unit II (Structural Organisation in Plant and Animals)
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation in Animals

Unit III (Cell: Structure and Functions)
Cell : The Unit of Life
Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Unit IV (Plant Physiology)
Transport in Plants
Mineral Nutrition
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Respiration in Plants
Plant Growth and Development

Unit V (Human Physiology)
Digestion and Absorption
Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Body Fluids and Circulation
Excretory Products & their Elimination
Locomotion and Movement
Neural Control and Coordination
Chemical Coordination and Integration

Part - II

Unit VI (Reproduction)
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction

Unit VII (Genetics and Evolution)
Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Unit VIII (Biology in Human Welfare)
Human Health and Disease
Microbes in Human Welfare

Unit IX (Biotechnology)
Biotechnology and its Applications

Unit X (Ecology )
Organisms and Populations
Biodiversity and Conservation
Environmental Issue

Questions Asked in 2012
Questions Asked in 2013

Biology for Medical Entrances is a comprehensive book for students preparing for the prestigious medical examinations in India. The book comprises of chapter-wise questions and has chapters on structural organization in plants and animals, plant and human physiology, cell structure and function, reproduction, biotechnology, genetics and ecology. Also, there are model test papers and previous years’ solved papers for thorough revision and practice. The book is an essential guide for students appearing for competitive exams like NEET (AIPMT) and AIIMS.

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Arihant Publications is a leading publisher of India and publishes a plethora of books ranging from academic to books for the preparation of competitive and entrance exam. They have authored and published books like JEE Main 2014 Chemistry in Just 40 Days 4th Edition, CBSE Biotechnology Chapter-wise Question-Answers: Previous Years' Questions, 2012 - 2006 (Class - 12), etc.