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What to do in 2 months after 10th board?

CBSE 10th boardIt is great relief for you as student, to have completed your 10th board examination. The first thing that you should think of doing is to take holidays for some time. Since you are eager to prepare yourself for IIT JEE exam, you must be very anxious to start attending JEE coaching classes immediately. It is essential for you to realize that getting through IIT JEE is not a child’s play. You require a minimum period of one and a half to two years for your solid preparation. During this time, you will not be able to relax much. After clearing your 10th board exam, the 2 months of free time can make you think of preparing for the IIT JEE exam in a relaxed way. You can enjoy spending good moments with your family and friends.

Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mindYou can feel happy to know that two years of sincere preparation is adequate to achieve a good rank. Hence, you can decide to enjoy for a few days prior to actually attend IIT JEE coaching classes, when they commence.

A few good suggestions to follow

  • good suggestions to followIt will be beneficial if you are able to complete the syllabus of subjects of class 9 and 10 like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Do not omit any chapters of these subjects. You should not only learn from NCERT books, but also from other books recommended by your seniors or teachers. This will provide you with a strong foundation that will help you to go far ahead.

  • When you study maths, revise Logarithms, Trigonometry, Sequences and Series and Quadratic equations. Since several students attending coaching classes know Logarithms, it will certainly benefit you also if you revise them earlier. The topics on Trigonometry and Quadratic are further taught in coaching classes. The simple topic on sequence and series will be interesting to study.

  • After your 10th board, while revising Physics, you should concentrate on fundamental concepts on Newton's Law and Kinematics. Try to solve some of the problems on numerical as they will assist you in grasping the concepts well.

  • In Chemistry one can start with Mole Concept or Chemical Equilibrium.


ConclusionOnce taking a break after 10th board, you can spend the two months’ time that you have in hand, comfortably, for preparing IIT JEE entrance exam.