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Top 10 Things an IIT Aspirant can Learn from Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind KejriwalArvind Kejriwal, Aam Admi Party chief and the present Chief Minister of Delhi, is the torchbearer of a radical revolution, which will hopefully lead to overall progress and all-round development not only for Delhi but also for the entire country at large.

We, especially IIT aspirants, can learn a lot from the life of Kejriwal, from his early days as a civil servant to becoming a social activist and then a politician, and finally the Chief Minister of Delhi.

His thumping victory in the recently-concluded Delhi Assembly Elections is a reminder that even a common man or “aam admi” can make it big in life and reach the pinnacle of success. Therefore, let’s begin.

The common man, too, can be involved in politics

involved in politicsArvind Kejriwal has proven that politics is not just the domain for political dynasties or seasoned politicians. The common man can also contest and win elections and transform the way governments work and function in states and the centre. IIT aspirants can learn that no matter what your social or financial background, you can crack the JEE exams if you have conviction in your hearts.

Honesty and Hard Work Are the Paths to Success

Paths to SuccessHe has shown that through hard work, dedication, and honesty one can transform the impossible into possible. Through his monumental effort, he has brought about a positive change across scores of spheres. With the help of these three values, you will surely taste sweet success. This is something that can inspire IIT aspirants.

Humility and Dignity are the Hallmark of Successful Individuals

Hallmark of SuccessfulWe must keep in mind how Mr Kejriwal transformed himself, his words, and behavior    throughout the years from 2013 to 2015. He has altered his tone and now converses with grace and humility, something that were lacking in him earlier. It should be noted that success rightly follows humility and dignity. Simply put, a balanced and humble mind will determine your success in the tasks that you undertake. Therefore, aspiring IITians take heed and inculcate these values. This is no child’s play, as it takes considerable time.

Taking Calculated Risks to Achieve the Impossible

Taking Calculated Risks to Achieve the ImpossibleNot many would have the courage to take Narendra Modi head on and fight Lok Sabha elections against the primary political parties, that to with minimal funds for advertising and promoting his party. However, Kejriwal grabbed the opportunity with both hands, became the voice of the common man, and turned the table on national parties to create a path for his own ideology, which reminds us to take risks and be persistent in our efforts to achieve greatness.

Learning is Always an On-going Process

IIT aspirants can learn from Kejriwal that there is no end to the learning process. Fear of failure shouldn’t stop you from following your heart and doing what you feel is correct. This underlines the fact that life is synonymous with learning and evolves daily by overcoming challenges and difficulties.

The Art of Verbal Communication and Interaction

The Art of Verbal Communication and InteractionThe Aam Admi Party (AAP) chief teaches us the supreme importance of clear, crisp communication and interaction with the public and media. With his strong IIT background and vast experience as a civil servant, he speaks straight from the heart, which is a rare phenomenon these days. He emphasizes facts and states his views on them, without making any assumptions or forming any opinions. Thus, it can be inferred that IIT aspirants should have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

Always Focus on Your Goals

Always Focus on Your GoalsIIT aspirants should make an effort and try to imbibe Kejriwal’s will power and a never-ending desire for achieving success. With a change in situations or circumstances, one should allow room for evolution, something that Arvind Kejriwal has mastered.

Let Your Work Silence Your Critics

Let Your Work Silence Your CriticsKejriwal has his detractors in the form of political rivals and opponents. PM Modi called Kejriwal an anarchist with an advice to join the Naxalites during an election rally in the run-up to the Delhi elections. However, Kejriwal was unfazed and didn’t respond. The results ensured that he had the last laugh. In a similar way, IIT aspirants should let their hard work do the talking.

Take Ownership for your Mistakes

Take Ownership for your MistakesOwning your mistakes and accepting that you did wrong are very important to IIT aspirants, where lakhs of students compete for a few thousand seats. Kejriwal has always taken ownership of his mistakes and discussed them with the media and general audience. This has made his press briefings and public meetings extremely successful. This factor has established his trustworthiness across the masses. One major mistake that he has acknowledged is quitting as Delhi CM in 2014 after a short stint of 49 days.

Value your Supporters

Value your SupportersFrom the start of his political career up to his zenith of success as Delhi CM, Kejriwal has received support from people belonging to various walks of life, including eminent lawyers, poets, journalists, businessmen, environmentalists, and public servants. Arvind Kejriwal has played an active role in a wide array of social activities for the wellbeing of weaker sections of society and children. Throughout this journey, he has stood by his supporters and those who had a firm belief in him. In this context, IIT aspirants should value their parents, friends, and teachers, who are there to guide them to crack the JEE.

Someone rightly said that it easy to get to the top but staying at the top is the real challenge. Arvind Kejriwal will surely keep this in mind as the people of Delhi have placed their faith in him one more time. IIT aspirants, too, should realize that cracking the JEE is not the ultimate victory, being an excellent engineer is.