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Top 10 mobile apps for students preparing for IIT JEE

mobile appsThe term mobile application or in short, known as mobile apps, is related to Internet applications that can be used on mobile gadgets and smart phones. By means of mobile apps the students can be connected easily to internet services. The latter are commonly accessible on notebook computers, desktops, or portable devices. The various mobile apps that are developed and can be installed on your smart phones can be in the form of Gmail for mobile, mobile based instant messaging client and mobile website bookmarking utility. Mobile apps that have been developed for Class X and XII CBSE/ICSE board examinations and JEE IIT exams, are of immense help to you nowadays. Some of the top mobile apps include:

Free Android App for JEE by askIITians

askIITians JEE AppYou can find a pioneering Android App launched recently to help students prepare for engineering entrance exam and JEE Main. The free downloadable mobile app assists students to prepare for the upcoming JEE main examination. The application offers the student a clear understanding of various concepts. Solving multiple choice questions through various techniques and shortcuts are the features of this mobile app.

Mobile Application to tackle JEE Mains of 2017-2018

Mobile Application to tackle JEE Mains This is an important application software meant for students undertaking or propose to prepare for the JEE exam next year. The important features of this mobile app makes it is possible for you to cover the entire syllabus related to JEE Main subjects like aptitude tests, maths, chemistry and physics. You can gain access to the latest news on JEE and the previous year question papers of JEE from various institutes. This application on Android mobile is extremely advantageous for students like you to prepare for JEE Mains for 2017-2018 exams.

Free mobile application for board exam

Free mobile application for board examA unique mobile application free of cost was launched recently for preparing board exam. This application will assist any candidate preparing to take exams in Class 10th and Class 12th of CBSE syllabus or ICSE board in 2017. Android technology is used to develop this application. Using this will certainly assist school students to accomplish top scores in both ICSE and CBSE exams. The app consists of practice papers for 10th and 12th board exams and study notes as well. Tips on preparation strategies and inputs from the previous subject toppers of previous board exams are the essential features of the mobile apps.

Maths formula apps

Maths formula appsIt is possible for you to learn formulas and theorems in mathematics using mobile formulae based on mobile apps. This is designed and developed particularly with emphasis on important formulas and topics on subjects like calculus, trigonometry, geometry and algebra meant for the preparation for board exam. This app will be extremely helpful for you to prepare for any board exam.   

Mobile Education apps

Mobile Education appsThis application will assist you in preparing for Advanced and Main JEE exam. The course material that you can find in this mobile app is updated for the years 2017 and 2018. They include information from several authors and publishers who have been successful in guiding students for these entrance examinations. The course material contains more than 5000 practice questions combined with answers and video solutions in detail. These important questions pertain to all the topics related to the syllabus of JEE advanced and main entrance tests. Since this course material is in depth in dealing with all the subjects of study, this mobile app acts as your mobile preparation companion.

Mobile apps for JEE Physics

Mobile apps for JEE PhysicsThis mobile app deals specifically with JEE physics. It was released for use during January 2017. It helps candidates like you to plan, practice and learn in depth about physics. It consists of complete question bank for effective preparation. The latest versions that will be released will contain study material, planning strategies, analytics and total guidance for each candidate. You can gain access to top quality preparation material through which you will be able to achieve the best results in a cost efficient way.

Mobile apps for creating your own questions

creating your own questionsThis mobile app developed is considered to be a boon as it assists you to create your own question papers and practice answers as you would do so in the real exam. It helps in time management and in offering statistical analysis. The other features include free, tested and confirmed questions and answers; can work offline, provide recommendation to students, utilize menu options for resetting answers for test papers, offer practice subject wise and chapter wise through multiple choice questions and create three hour test papers for students like you to complete.

Mobile Apps for test series papers

Mobile Apps for test series papersThe aim of this mobile app is to offer education as a fun contest for you and other students. Several papers in Physics have been shortlisted covering the entire course in this subject. This can be seen on Face book. Every concept can be revised. This app will inform you about your ranking based on the papers you have solved.

Mobile apps on JEE formulae

Mobile apps on JEE formulaeThis is a mobile app that deals exclusively with formulae and notes. You can use this application in an easy and faster way so that you can revise IIT-JEE exam notes and formulas in one stroke. You can gain access to answers related to cryptic theorems in maths, complex equations in chemistry and tricky physics formulas. You can add these free downloadable mobile apps to your mobile readily and gain maximum benefit out of it.

JEE video guide apps

JEE video guide appsIt is possible to access video guide apps for students preparing for JEE at all India level. The important feature of this app is that you can learn and prepare by concentrating on concept based study. The mobile apps offer you to watch plenty of videos through which the concepts are well explained. The application covers video guide on concepts related to mathematics and physics. In order to crack JEE exam, you will need 200 to 250 concepts, which you can see well organized through ten videos allocated for each concept.


Concentrated and continuous revision is the way to achieve success. You should not feel revision to be boring. With the invention and creation of revision mobile app, you can be creative and learn in a smart manner.


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