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Tips for Recollection of what you have studied so far!!; Boost Memory Recollection with following tips

In today’s world it is very important to study in order to become successful in life, and studying for longer hours with concentration will make your study easier. However, best of student fails to study for long hours with concentration due to lack of correct study pattern, technique and planning. It will take some conscious effort in order to change your studying habit. However once you are habitual to the pattern of studying longer hours, it would be easier for you to concentrate for longer hours and achieve your goals. It is just your own effort which will make study easier for longer hours with complete concentration without distraction.

It is very important for a studentIt is very important for a student to remember what you they studied; especially if you are planning to crack toughest entrance exam of all. JEE is considered to be one of the toughest entrance exams that is also known as a ‘Key’ to dreams of many.

To workout the same, you need to change your study patterns and techniques. There are few of the areas where we will be focusing in order to achieve our goal. Firstly, environment should be adequate enough to support your concentration during study. The room should be well facilitated with proper light and air but without any kind of interruptions. It should be silent enough for proper attention; there should not be any distractions like TV, Radio, pets etc. The best thing is to keep the study room simple with table, chair and all other necessary items associated with your study like pen, pencil, notebook, textbooks etc. This will help in avoiding the commotions and help you in remember what you have read. Also, avoid bed for study or at least laying on the bed while studying as this will make you feel drowsy and you won’t be able to remember what you have read.

It is also very important to understand the appropriate time for your study; it can be early in the morning or late at night. This completely depends on person to person, as some might find morning suitable to study and some might find night. Before deciding on the time for studying, make sure you understand your body and mindset, so that you can remember what you have studied and that too with full energy.

Plan your study timePlan your study time properly and note down tasks and goals to achieve. Goals should give you the feeling of achieving something on the day; this will motivate you for the next day and so on. Prepare a timetable according to your subject priority; keep more time for the subject which you find difficult to study. Complete critical and difficult concepts first as you are full of energy at the start. Try to study for 60 minutes at a stretch with 5 minutes break after 30 minutes. This will keep your mind fresh and active during study, in turn your productivity and you can remember what you have read; resulting in good grades. Goals keep you motivated!!

Eating heathy foodEating heathy food is also vital for studying longer, because it will give the necessary energy required for concentration which helps in remembering what we have studied so far. Try to eat green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, dark chocolates while studying, these will help you in studying for longer hours. Keep a glass and a bottle of water to drink on regular intervals. Water gives oxygen to your mind so it is highly important to consume water while studying but make sure drink only adequate amount of water to avoid washrooms during study time. Avoid sugary drinks as much as possible because it will crash you down during your class, examination or study, so it is not advisable to have sugary drinks during these times.

Sleep is another very important factor in relation to study for longer hours with concentration. Having proper sleep is vital for body, getting good sleep is a sign of good health and good health will make you full of energy. You can convert this energy more and more towards longer hours of study. Try to sleep as much as your body requires, mostly people find 7-9 hours of sleep as good enough for day to day work, but still it depends on person to person and their daily activities.

Another hindrance that makes us forget what we have read is the distractions caused by mobiles and social media websites. Mobile phones should be kept away from arms and eyes reach; also it should be kept on silence or completely turned off during study time. Apart from mobile phones avoid any other electronic devices like PC’s, Laptops, music players etc. during study as this will waste your precious study time. In case, you can concentrate on study while listening soft music then play some music but with lesser volume so that it doesn’t become hindrance in your study else switch it off completely. These electronic gadgets and items are major distractions during study and should be avoided as much as possible. So, if you want to remember what you have studied keep these gadgets away from you.

Interacting with your mindInteracting with your mind is very important to understand whether you are understanding the subject or topic or not. It is very important to interact with your own mind in order to keep focusing on study and achieving your goals. Don’t waste time by thinking other things like new girl or boy in the class, new gadgets, any movies, previous day activities, shopping, outings etc. So, tell your mind that time to think on those topics is after the study time, convince your mind and continue focusing on study. This will definitely save your time from distractions. While studying as well, interact with your mind about the topic you just read, ask questions to your mind and then allow it to answer. This way you will get to know what you understood after going through the topic and where you are lacking in your study. By this, you will be able to rectify or work on your study pattern.

Another idea is to use creative method while studying. This means make flash cards for revision or memorizing the concepts / answers; use skim and scan method; read judiciously and make notes; imagine the pictorial representation of the explanation and revise on a regular basis. This will help you a lot in remembering what you have studied. Not only this will help in exams, but will lay a strong foundation for your entire professional life.

While studying make notes and diagramsWhile studying make notes and diagrams, notes will give you the information you require in your own words which will make things easier. Use various colors and associate it with topics while making your own notes; this will make it easier for you to remember topics. Diagrams will make the study much easier and simple than words as it is easier for us to remember a diagram as compared to words. Diagram will be processed in mind and convert into words during examination. Use mnemonics, associate terms with important topics which will make the topic easier to remember. Also, avoid cramming. This is one of the common mistakes that all the students make. So it is better to understand the subject, rather to cram it and forget it in coming days.

 Also, it is highly important to reward yourself with things that you think is precious to you. For example, ask your parents to reward you if you get good grades or you can also reward yourself. Reward can be anything like a treat in a restaurant, new bike or cycle, new phone, laptop etc. This will give you motivation to study and get good grades, admission to good universities etc.  Go for group study, but make sure friends are really interested and serious towards study. This group effort will help in clearing and solving each other’s concept on a topic as well as makes study more interesting. One student can be good in Mathematics and other can be in Biology, so they can help each other making study easier and simpler.

Thinking positive is very important in any area, so think positive about your study pattern, your mind, your energy to study for longer hours and subject; even the hardest subject. Think that you can do and for sure you will be successful.

All the Best!!!

Get extra Rs. 4,200 off