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Quality of M.Tech Education at IITs

QualityIITs are India’s best technical education chain, to which millions of students try to gain admissions, since the 1950s. Lakhs of students appear for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) each year. However, the intake capacity when it comes to undergraduate (UG) courses is just over the 9000-figure mark. As the years pass by, more and more students aspire to be IITians. After all, highest-quality education and world-class facilities are the hallmarks of these institutions.

One of the most common questions that IITians ask themselves after completing their B.Tech is whether to enroll themselves for an M.Tech degree in new IITs, old NITs, or private universities. To answer this question effectively, we need to take into consideration the quality of M.Tech education not just in the new IITs but also in all IITs as a single entity.

Another factor to consider before enrolling for a Ph.D program at an IIT is to ask yourself some important questions: Why do you want to go some new location for studies? Does job placement matter more to you after your B.Tech degree, or are you fascinated by a long-term plan that gives you a ticket for higher studies?

researchAfter careful research, you will find that the IITs are your best bet when it comes to M.Tech because the standards of education are simply phenomenal. What’s more, IITs are the biggest and best brand in education across the world. All IITs regardless of whether new or old, converted or established, serve as a representation of a community of engineers that have contributed or who are contributing immensely for the greater good to humanity, something that the world takes notice of.

The first batch of M.Tech at the new IITs had passed out in 2013. Therefore, if infrastructure is a problem for new IITs, their placements should be conducted along with the parent institutes. It has been widely stated that mentor IITs will effectively support new IITs until they are skilled and proficient to function in an independent manner. This means that there won’t be any compromise on quality with regard to quality of education or setting up of independent placement cells. This is another reason to choose IIT for your M.Tech degree.

long-term planIf you have conceived a long-term plan of offering the world exemplary leadership, then IITs should be your first preference. All top universities across the world have knowledge about the identities and capabilities of IITians. Such is the dynamic and magnetic personalities of IITians.

An M.Tech degree from an IIT is a highly sought-after course because it opens the doors to some of the highest-paying multinational companies visiting India for campus placements. Hence, IITs have a clear edge over private universities when it comes to M.Tech.

Through an M.Tech degree from a reputed IIT, you will master not just engineering but also learn effective organizational and management skills, which will help you to become a great leader or entrepreneur.

excellenceIITs are the paragon of excellence and the best places for education, with nothing coming even close to them. If you have done your UG from NIT or some other private university, an IIT has still much more to offer you. You can share what you feel through the “comment” section below.

For an M.Tech in IITs, you need to adequately prepare for GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), by taking time off and studying for it. If you desire best GATE material, solve question papers of previous years and strive for a 99% (percentile). Therefore, you need to work exceptionally hard and hope for some luck.

concludeTo conclude, we recommend the best engineering schools in the country that give you the freedom to choose your career without any compulsions. Only IITs offers such opportunities for potential engineers, as well as those with a B.Tech degree. By career decision, we mean switching between academia and industry with ease.

We wish you all the best with your M.Tech course and your future career prospects.

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