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Preparing for the First Day of Class in college

About College and first day of class

Preparing for the First Day of Class in collegeWhen the students step out of rigours discipline, hard work, and punishment of their schools to seek admission in college, they hope that the days of insouciance are waiting for them. College days are another part of flowering of life that needs mature consideration, although tough discipline and compulsive learning of texts are not mandatory in college schedule. Colleges would give every student ample scope for participative learning. There goes no doubt that a good college is a wide platform, where students learn the first lesson of freedom of expression. Moreover, first day in college would get etched in everyone’s memory for the whole of life. As the famous proverb goes- “a college education shows a man how little other people know. Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself”.  Let’s take this by heart that college is a life changing experience; the true path for transformation. It is the period when psychologically, physically, and emotionally students go through changes. These are the days, when dreams begin taking shapes of realities. This requires cautious stepping on the illumined paths of learning, not whimsical approach to life. Students need to develop matured considerations as to what to do and what to avoid.

The first day in college and first class would have major impact on the entire college career. During the class, not only the students get the first precept of learning from the lectures but the faculties make out impression about each student. The first class is the interactive session that hints broadly about future of the students; the faculties have the wisdom to know that who are the students who could take leadership in studies, sports, and other co-curricular activities?

Let’s take some ideas about how could the students need to prepare themselves for the first class in college.

 Prepare to meet new faces in the first class        

Prepare to meet new faces in the first class        The first class is motley of crowd. It has students from various streams; pupils from Science, Commerce, and Arts. Here, every student needs to have courage to present his or her ideas. Feeling nervous is a natural symptom. The student needs to compose his or her ideas beforehand and make a bit of rehearsal of the lines to present in the first class. The lines need to have the effervescence to present the sentiments and wisdom in the personality of student. Now, if the student has joined the Science stream to do his or her graduation, the student could give the viewpoint behind joining this wing of education. He or she needs to state clearly in the speech that what are the best possible ways to serve humanity by using scientific ways? She could say clearly about the reasons she considers important to study science that would pave her way for sound education in medicine. A male student could state clearly about the viewpoints in studying science that could help him to become a scientist. In the introductory class, students need to talk with cogent logic in their words that would make the faculty realize the true needs of the students.

Get complete introduction to the routine of college life

Get complete introductionAs the students finish presenting their views, now it is the turn of the faculty to give a clear picture about life in college. They would give ideas about the expectation of the faculty members from students. The students need to make notes from the words of lectures. This would give them a fair idea about life in college. College would give a new order in life breaking away significantly from the routine followed in the school. It requires maturity to understand the order fully. The subjects taught in the college need depth in understanding. Every teaching is college is subject to experimentation by the students. The students with higher intelligence quotient (IQ) could get the grasp of every lesson easily.

Know how the college faculty collects the homework

Know how the college faculty collects the homeworkThe faculty in college has different approach towards giving and collecting homework assignments. Unlike the school, the faculty does not assign lesson today to collect tomorrow after evaluation. College professors do not assign tasks everyday and collect on the very next day. The difficulty in this is students do not get updates about their progress in studies because of unsystematic homework assignments and evaluation. So in the first class in college, the students need to make inquiries from college faculties about homework assignments. Besides this, knowing about the “extra” or “tutorial” classes is also important. Such classes are also important to discuss homework assignments and clearing of doubts. Clarity in the fundamentals of subjects taught in the college carries a lot of weight as unlike school, every student might not get personal care from the faculties.

Knowledge about the routine of classes

Knowledge about the routineThe routine of classes in college would differ considerably from that of school. In school, the students need to attend 7-8 classes, whereas the college would have at best 5 classes in a day. In college, lectures not only explain the topics but give important notes on tough parts of subjects. The notes are important because such illustrative explanations are not available in the text books. Knowing the structure of classes is important because most of the things taught and discussed in the college classes do not get repeated. It is a fact that when a student misses one class, the loss occurs for good.  The most vital thing is unlike school, subjects taught in college do not require memorising but depth in understanding. All such facts make it necessary that the students need to understand the routine of classes and follow it diligently. In college, skipping of classes by the students often take place. Students need to stay away from this tempting idea. This voluntary missing of classes would not help the students in gaining maturity in the subjects covered in the syllabus of their study.

Do put a question in the first class about the system of examination

There are a number of things concerning examination in college. The pattern and frequency of examinations, types of questions, subjective and objective questions, and at last the gradation system for result in examination are important for the knowledge of the students. It is also relevant to know about the class tests and other examinations that take place at intervals in college apart from the final examination held by university. Such discussion with faculty gets clarity about everything concerning examination, which is part and parcel of study system in college. Mistaken ideas about the system could lead to loss of marks in gradation system.