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PM Modi Mann Ki Baat for Board Exams

PM Modi Mann Ki BaatWith the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams commencing from 2nd March, 2015, nothing could be timelier than recollecting Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s, “Mann Ki Baat” on AIR (All India Radio), which was conducted on February 22, 2015, addressing the Standard 10 and Standard 12 students of India before they appeared for their board and competitive examinations. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addresses the country twice a month on AIR. Having officially begun from October 3, 2014, the program intends to convey the voice of the Prime Minister to India’s general masses.

Because televisions are not available in every Indian household, especially the rural and under-developed regions, the medium for “Mann Ki Baat” was chosen to be radio, which has a wider reach. Nearly 90% of the total population of India can be reached through radio. In addition, several private FM radio stations in India’s metropolitan cities have been given the go-ahead to broadcast recordings of the show, which is surging in popularity thanks to the dynamic personality of our dynamic PM. Having “passed” the Lok Sabha “exams” with flying colors and defeating the opposition left, right, and center, what better person to address the students and young minds of this country than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His detractors may call him a “tea vendor;” however, as he has claimed, he has sold tea but not his integrity.

1st Update

parents comparing their childrenOur honorable Prime Minister began his address on a pleasant note, teasing students about what they have to hear at home on a daily basis. He goes on to say that today’s chosen topic is quite challenging in comparison with previous ones and that parents and teachers may have different expectations from his address. He took up the issue of parents comparing their children’s abilities with that of their neighbor’s children. He said that students might have to forego their Holi celebrations due to class 10th & class 12th exams, which can be a dampening news. Our PM comforts the students by placing himself in their shoes and looking at things from their prerogative, especially when it came to exam stress.

2nd Update

Stay PositiveOn a humble note, the Prime Minister said he lacks the right to advice students with regard to preparation of exams and mode of studying. The PM recalled his days of being a student as “average” and someone with a poor handwriting. On a lighter note, he says that students are exhausting their creative edge through excessive competition. Competition is healthy but it shouldn’t mean if you stay back or lose, it is the end of the world.

3rd Update

determinationThe Prime Minister tells students to look up to their “sisters” and “friends” engaged in domestic labor, despite them appearing for prestigious exams. Domestic laborers should be seen as shining examples. The PM offers valuable advice: compete with no one but yourselves. He thunders, “Test yourself daily and look up to yourselves for more motivation.” Citing the famous example of Sergey Bubka, who repeatedly broke his own records, the PM was unambiguous when he said that students should have strong willpower and stability, which will make them determined to study hard and complete their 10th syllabus or 12th syllabus. He said “When you add determination to vigor, you become excellent”. 

4th Update

staying in the presentSpeaking on how to perform well in examinations, the PM takes the example of cricket. He tells students not to think about their previous examinations that they have appeared for, as this could be discouraging if they didn’t score well. He says that a cricketer “plays every ball without any pre-determined thought.” In the same way, students should appear for their exams without thinking about the past or the future, but staying in the present.

5th Update

The Prime Minister underlined the phenomenon of students’ nervousness during examination time due to high expectations. He urged young minds to have faith and confidence in their own abilities, which will guarantee success no matter how hard the exam. Quoting Mr Kamat, a parent from Tamil Nadu, he delivers the piece de resistance: ‘Be a warrior and not a worrier’.

6th Update

exam festivalWith regard to the increased pressure plaguing students, he requests parents to refrain from asking their children how well he or she faired in the paper. To top it all, the Prime Minister asks humorously “Shouldn’t students celebrate the exam’s time period as ‘exam festival’? Citing a Gujarati poem, he says that it is sad the failure is looked down upon, rather than a stepping-stone to success.

Final Update

Bright FutureTo conclude an astoundingly successful “Mann Ki Baat” program, the Prime Minister says, “Win, but not to defeat anyone in your life. Succeed, to fulfill your decisions, and succeed to make yourself happy.” He added by saying, “The more brighter your (student’s) future will be, the future of India will be as much brighter. Its destiny is to be carved by the youth of India only. Come forward and actively participate in the exam festival with zeal.” Wishing all students a good luck, the Prime Minister bid everyone goodbye. For his motivating and inspiring address to the nation, we have only three words to say: Take a bow.