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Lack of Sleep During IIT JEE Preparation

Sleeping HabitsCracking JEE exam is highly difficult and it needs good amount of preparation by the students to perform with flying colors in the exam. The competition is considered to be one of the toughest competitions, as there are lakhs of students appearing at the same time. Hence it needs thorough practice and groundwork to crack the exam. Motivation and time management are two factors which are vital factors that will help students in achieving their goal in life. And in order to succeed in exams and become an IITian, students tend to sacrifice their sleep and resting time.

It has been found that students preparing for JEE exams are sleeping during early morning hours; say at 3 or 4 am and by 7 they are up and ready to reach their class / school at 8 O’clock. This means that they sleep only for 3-4 hours. How do they do this? I mean from where do they get the energy to get ready, go to their school or classes and again start studying? Is it that they think that by sleeping for only 3-4 hours a day will help them in better preparation? Do they think this much of sleep is enough to prepare for JEE exam? The answer to this (by medical and practical means) is a Big NO!!

Before I start explaining the reasons why sleep is more important and should not be taken lightly; let us have a look at the methods or tips that help these students in managing their energy and schedule without proper sleep.

Attractive Career:

Attractive Career I guess the main driving force, that keeps these students on their toes is the ‘Attractive career’. The idea of minting bags of money and a reputable job is something that keeps these students motivated to sacrifice their sleep and study more.

Getting good grades at school and in entrance exams for admissions to upright institutions is a dream of every aspiring student/ candidate. With JEE a key to their dreams, it becomes an absolute necessity that they are able to crack JEE. A good score/ rank in JEE and admission to a premier institute is what keeps these students going. And the idea of becoming a winner in the race of competition, they sacrifice their sleep and are able to manage; in spite of their deprived sleep.

Time Management:

Time ManagementAnother factor that I feel, motivates the students is Time management. We have heard or read many places where it is said that ‘It is very important for you to manage your time table. Once, you have drawn a time chart for yourself; stick to it and let nothing distract you from following it’. I feel that the pressure of being able to manage the time table and in the horde of following effectively; students tend to martyr their sleep and manage to reach their class at 8 am in morning (even after sleeping at 3/ 4 am in the morning).

Students try to incorporate the slots in time table for studying, revision and classes. They tend to forget the slot for sleep and eating. Thus, in order to follow the time table rigorously; they go to an extent where they prefer to skip their time for meals and sleep.

It is suggested that time table should be prepared in such a manner that the time is divided equally for studying, doing revision from revision notes and most important getting proper sleep. It is a good idea to follow the time table; but then it is equally important to take care of your health and body too. Without a sound body and mind; you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Tension and Stress:

Tension and Stress:Another one big reason of the factor that plays a big role in helping students to sleep by 5 and then reach to their classes at 8; is the Tension and the Stress that these little minds have. The pressure of the parents and the society or the fear of failure; keeps these students on their toes to practice hard and score well in their exams. 

The thought that what people will think about them or how would they face the society, family and friends if they fail; is one factor that disturbs the sleep of these students and makes them practice or study like maniacs. The pressure from teachers and the expectations of other does tense the students; which results in loss of sleep and  thus, they can manage going to class even after sleeping at 5 am in the morning.


ConcentrationOne of the rarest and un-usual reasons that I came across (when I asked students how do they manage to sleep at 5 and go to class at 8 in morning) is that students said the morning hour the best time when they can concentrate and once they start getting the hang of the topic; it is very difficult for them to take a break and sleep.
I say that this is rarest reason, because there is no doubt about the fact that students tend to have more concentration in the early hours of the day; but then is it mandatory that you will have same level of interest in the topic that you have every day? To this they replied; it has become their habit of sleeping in morning and then getting up early for their classes. And it is very difficult for them to change it.

I would suggest and that too very strictly that change the habit right away. IT is good that you study during the early morning hours and can concentrate, but you should do it in other healthy manner. This means you should sleep at night and get up early in the morning to study. Try to get at least 6 hours of proper sleep and then complete your study material.

Whatever might be the reason for you not taking proper sleep and managing with bare sleep of 3-4 hours; stop doing this right away and take proper rest. Sleep is one of the most important factors for healthy body and one should not neglect it. Manage your time and create such a time table where you have ample of time for rest and studying. I do not say that you should have long hours of sleep; but a minimum of 6 hours of sleep is required for your body to function properly. So, next time when you are preparing a time table do not forgot to keep a slot for sleeping.


If you skip on your sleep and will not give proper rest your mind and body; then you will not be able to concentrate on your studies and preparation. You will feel lazy and drowsy whole day; which will result in time wastage. Not only it will affect your preparation, it will also affect your performance in exams. It becomes utmost important to get a proper sleep right before the exam; so that you wake up fresh and are able to perform with excellence.

If you cannot sleep at night or wish to study at night, then try to get some rest during the day time. This means those either sleep for one hour or take a power nap of 30 minutes, after coming back from school or after attending the classes. This will freshen you up and your mind; and you will be ready for studying again.

Do not look what other students are doing. Do not try to sacrifice your sleep, just because your friends aren’t sleeping for longer hours. Every body’s body is different and they have a different requirement. They might have no problem in sleeping for lesser hours but you might have. So, understand your body and try to give it a proper rest. Do not try to manage your success on account of sacrificing your sleep.  So do not become an insomniac and have a sound sleep. All the best and happy sleeping!!!