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How to Teach Kids to Learn From Their Mistakes?


Learn From Their Mistakes?Children are regarded to be the future stars of any country. Since they act and do things according to their knowledge they might commit mistakes. The adage, to err is human, is fundamental not only to kids, but also to adults. Learning is a continuous process throughout life, which cannot occur without committing mistakes. Though parents might wish that their child grows up to be a perfect adult, this is just a myth. They must teach kids how to progress further by learning from the mistakes that they commit. Kids should realize that committing mistake is not wrong. On the contrary, they act as stepping stones in their future success.

Kids’ disappointment at committing mistakes

Kids’ disappointment at committing mistakesIt is natural for children to get discouraged when they make a mistake, fail to complete an assigned task or not being selected for a specific sports team. They tend to interpret the mistakes that they may have committed, as their personal failure. The role of the parents here is not to reprimand their kids, but to boost their encouragement by letting them understand that they had an opportunity to participate and learn through their mistakes.

Parents’ important guidance of learning from mistakes

Important guidance of learning from mistakesCommitting mistakes is universal and not a crime. But, parents certainly can assist their kids positively in learning from their mistakes. One of the best methods of effective guidance is to discuss about the things that might have gone wrong. Parents should teach kids to think of ways to avoid making similar errors in future to succeed in the task that they may have to complete. Parents should reassure their kids and make them realize that nearly every mistake can be corrected. This positive guidance will help children not to fear in their future decision making. They can also be encouraged to discuss what they might have learnt from such circumstances. When kids learn to handle their mistakes, they develop an attitude to understand the mistakes of others.

Teaching kids to admit their mistakes

Teaching kids to admit their mistakesIt is extremely vital to make children realize that they should admit their mistakes and not hide or avoid them. This firm, loving and valuable reaction from parents will make the kids feel the depth of the mistake created and think of ways of mending them. They can be taught that worrying about mistakes which cannot be rectified is useless. Instead, solve and fix errors wherever possible. Children should be made to understand that their errors can be corrected in various ways. However, very young children will find it difficult to understand this. Parents can assist their kids in not experiencing unnecessary frustration in their future if they can guide them to correct mistakes wherever possible. This will instil self reliance and confidence among the children making them lead positive and happier lives.

Parents should deal with mistakes constructively

Parents should deal with mistakes constructivelyParents should not excessively highlight the errors committed by their children as the latter can clearly read the disturbed minds of their parents. This leads the kids to feel that their mistakes are much more in intensity than they actually are. Sometimes, this thought might create fear, low self esteem and insecurity in their minds. This attitude might occasionally emerge as psychological problems later on. To rectify this, parents can teach and guide in adopting proper corrective responses to their mistakes. This will help kids to modify their own expectations and behaviour.


Mental happiness and well being is as important as physical wellness. It is essential that parents should learn how to teach kids to learn and rectify their mistakes in an effective manner. This will mould them in overcoming any situation they may face in future, confidently.

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