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How to take mock test at home?


mock testA mock test is defined as an examination, which does not have any marks. The test will assist the student or the candidate to acquire an idea as to how it would look like in a real time frame. You can take a mock test on various subjects that include programming, fundamentals of computer, photography, biology, science, math and languages. If you are preparing for entrance examinations like, all India premedical test, joint entrance examinations for entry into engineering colleges, Indian institute of technologies, taking mock test will assist you to have more and more of practice of preparation. Here, you will find an immense exposure to various types of questions. You may also come across several difficulties and understand how to overcome them before appearing for the final test in realty.

Benefits of taking mock test at home   

Benefits of taking mock test at home   Taking mock test has become a regular practice and is found to be important for many students and candidates appearing for entry into several professional courses. For most of the entrance examinations, you will find mock tests or sample papers in books as well as through online these days. The main benefit of taking such a test at home is that it prepares you to sit for the actual duration of the examination. You will acquire knowledge about the pattern of questions that you will have to answer. It also helps you to develop strategies required for writing the final examination. At the same time, you will get an idea of the full length questions of previous year papers. Hence, you will feel one step higher in boosting your confidence.

Creating the actual testing environment at home

Creating the actual testing environment at homeAs a student preparing for the examination, you can gain maximum advantage by taking the mock test at home. You can create an actual testing environment at your place by dressing up for the examination. Use a clean desk for this purpose. When you intend to take the mock test online, use a computer as you would do so in an exam. Keep a stop watch ready to observe the time taken. It will be helpful for you to write the mock test along with your friend. Keep your question paper and the answer sheets on different papers. If the questions are in a book, it is best to photocopy them. You should avoid using calculator when it is not permitted in the exam. Your family members can assist you in taking the mock test by not disturbing you during this duration.

Mock test attempt

You can commence the mock test at home by starting the stop watch that you have. Apply the strategy that you have planned as soon as you sit to write the test. This will help you to put your best effort. Since you are your own judge, you should be honest to stop writing immediately when the prescribed time is over. 

Mock test evaluation

Mock test evaluationEvaluating your own mock test paper is not very easy. You must be extremely careful and strict while you evaluate your paper. You can adopt the marking method usually used in examinations to mark your test paper. Even though this might be a mock test paper, giving strict marks will help you to perform better in the actual exam. It is important that you should consider whether your approach to the question has been written correctly. It should be marked as wrong when your method of answering is inappropriate. It will be helpful for you to record the average time taken to answer every question. This will be beneficial since you can improve your speed and accuracy in answering questions. If you had difficulty in answering any question in spite of your attempt, make a special note of it. You can concentrate on improving in solving them later.

Review of mock test

It is vital for you to keep a record of the results of the mock test that you have already written. You can compare your improvement after taking the next mock test.


You may feel sometimes that taking a mock test is not necessary. But, the honest results of the mock test will show you the actual status of your preparation. You will feel encouraged and confident to exert more effort before appearing for the final entrance exam if you have undertaken the mock test at home.  

Get extra Rs. 4,200 off