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How to Scuffle Peer Pressure? 

Scuffle Peer PressureBecause of latest life style and busy schedules, most of us are pressurized and stressed. Some of us might be due to work and some of us might be due to our peers. Have you ever faced a situation where someone is forcing you to do something that you dislike? Or you land up doing it just because there was pressure from your peers? These peers are the persons who can be termed as classmates or colleagues those who work or who are studying with us. When there is a pressure from these peers to do something, then it tends to break us down and most of us land up making wrong decisions. Hence, it is necessary that one should not succumb into pressure.

We all like making friends and hanging with a gang. And in our gang (fondly name) or group there are all sorts of people. They might want to do something that we might not like or would be afraid to do it; but then we tend to do it just because we think that if we do not perform, these peers might not speak to us or we might get isolated. This does not end here, we might even get bullied or we might be teased. This leads to insecurity and inferiority complex; destroying your confidence and self-esteem. This situation is a perfect example of peer pressure.

Pressure from peers will not only murder your self-esteem and confidence; but it will also ruin your life. You might fall into wrong company and destroy your life. You might land into unwanted situations and might regret it for your lifetime. To avoid this peer pressure from capitulating you, here are few tips and tricks. I am sure they will help you in combating peer pressure:

Know your choices

Know your choicesIt is important to know what are your likes and dislikes; and do whatever you feel is correct and that gives you happiness. Understand the fact that you cannot make everybody happy, no matter how hard you try. So, without bothering too much about others, think about yourself and do in what you would be happy.

Make true Friends

Make true FriendsCling to someone who is a true friend of yours. Make friends with people who will be always by your side no matter how sad you are or how you look. Just like family, even they are attached to you unconditionally. If you have friends those who are with you only in happy times or just because you are rich, then ditch such friends.

Think about yourself

Think about yourselfWhen someone comes and tells you something negative about you and try to pressurize you; then think about all the good things you have in you. Then compare that pressure giver and see if they are equally good or not. Do not get into any kind of inferiority complex, that others are better than you. Each individual is special and each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses.

Choose right Influences

Choose right InfluencesWhen choosing friends or before getting influenced by someone, make sure that person is free from all bad habits and you are not following him blindly. Say for example, do not follow someone just because he or she is famous in college or school; or do not start smoking if all your friends are doing it. Because, such people will pressurize you to indulge in all the activities that they are doing and you might land you doing wrong thing.

Learn to say ‘No’

say ‘No’Be firm and learn to use the word ‘No’ wherever required. If you dislike something or you cannot do something, then be firm and say ‘No’. Do not say yes and do their tasks just because they have asked you to do it. Once you have said no, do not regret it and take a stand for yourself. If you aren’t firm enough, these peers might try to fool you emotionally and get the work done.


IgnoreOne of the best tips to combat peer pressure is to ignore the pressure giver. If someone is trying to pressurize you or bully you; then try to ignore that person. Do not pay any attention to what they say and do not try to answer them back. Remain silent and show no reactions. This will keep you calm and you will not succumb to the pressure given by them.


When you feel negative or when you feel disheartened, then focus on something else. Leave that task for some time and focus on other things. Something that you like doing or something that gives you joy.

Respond them in a Different Manner

Respond them in a Different MannerWhen someone asks you to do something that you are unwilling to do, respond to their request in a different manner. Either crack a joke about the thing that they are asking your o do or change the subject whenever they are trying to speak about doing that thing. When you change the subject or crack a joke, this signals the pother person that you will not give up or do something just because that person is pressuring you to do so.

Ask for Help

Ask for HelpIt is absolutely fine to ask for a help when you are in a fix and do not know what to do. Ask your parents or teachers to help you and advise you if you get confused about the situation. This will help you to refrain from falling for the peer pressure.

The best way and the key solution is to define yourself, think about what you like and do what you love to do. Do not think about people or their reactions. Those who love you will understand you and those who understand you will never pressurize you for doing anything. Instead of making others happy, try to make yourself happy and get involved with those who keep you happy. Do believe in you choices and do not let anybody bully. After all, this is your life and it is you who should decide how to live it. So live happy and pressure free.