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How to perform well in board improvement exam (Rewrite)


perform well in board improvement examMany students take up 12th board exam in a particular year under the Central Board of Secondary Education Syllabus. Are you one among them, and have you failed unfortunately to complete this exam in your first attempt? If yes, then, an important question arises in your mind as to how you can improve your performance in the next board exam? You must note that in the CBSE system of examination, the word compartment indicates that you have not passed in one out of the five subjects in your final board exam. Under such a situation, it is essential for you to give compartmental exams that are conducted by the board, every year. These compartmental exams are nothing but board improvement exams wherein you can perform well in the subject or subjects that you have failed.

Eligibility criteria   

Eligibility criteria Since you have failed in one of the five subjects in class 12th board, you shall be allowed to be placed in the compartment of that board provided you qualify in all the subjects in the internal assessment tests done.

Some of the eligibility requirements to take up compartment or board improvement exam include:

board improvement exam1. When you are placed in the compartment or board improvement exam, it is possible for you to reappear in the compartmental exam that will be held normally in July of the same year. Furthermore, you may avail a second chance in March or April the next year, and another third chance in July as well. You will be declared as passed provided you qualify the compartmental subjects or subject in which you have failed. In general, the syllabus and the courses are considered to be the in the same pattern as applied to the candidates taking up full subjects appearing for the concerned year of the board examination.

2. If you are a candidate who has failed to appear or has failed in one or in all the chances of compartment exam availed by you, then you will be considered to have failed in the examination. Hence, you shall have to reappear in all the subjects during the annual examination of the board as per courses and syllabus of study prescribed for the concerned exam, in order to be successful in that board exam. Your practical as well as internal assessment marks gained in the main board examination will be carried over till the last or third chance of compartmental exam or board improvement exam. However, it is possible for you to have the option to appear in the practical exam in the subjects that includes practicals. It is also possible for you to retain your previous scores in one or more annual exams after the third chance of compartment or board improvement exam. 

3. When you are placed in a compartment, you should note that you will be permitted to appear for the three chances in those subjects only in which you have been in the compartment or board improvement exam.

4. In case if you have passed in the practicals of the main examination for subjects involving practical work, you shall have to take only the theory paper, and your marks of previous practical work shall be carried forward and accounted for, accordingly. Suppose you have not qualified or failed in your practical or internal assessment, then it is necessary for you to appear in the theory papers and practicals or internal assessment or in both. This is irrespective of the fact that you have already qualified in your theory exam. You can find some useful tips that will help you to perform better in your board improvement or compartmental exams to enhance your score. Here are these vital tips, which you can follow:

Tips to prepare and perform well:

  • You should prepare a proper schedule of studies and follow it rigidly and sincerely.Tips to prepare and perform well

  • You should also make a strategy that covers all the aspects associated with the examination.

  • Your strategic planning should be made as a perfect blend of learning and revising the syllabus thoroughly.

  • Such a planning will help you to solve sample papers in a simultaneous manner, confidently.

  • While you are engaged in solving sample papers at home, you should bear in mind that you must finish them within the given time duration, definitely.

  • It is suggested that you must start with five mark questions and certainly finish within an hour.  

  • You might observe that some of the complex numerical problems that you come across can be tricky to manage. You should not spend much of your time unnecessarily by solving them. Instead of this, you can proceed to solve the next question as it is essential for you to score as many marks as possible within the given time.

  • Intensive studying by using NCERT books is sufficient to obtain ninety per cent in your examination. So focus on such study to score better in the board improvement or compartment exam.

  • You must treat papers of your board improvement or compartment exam as papers of next final board exam, and complete answering them exactly within three hours duration.

  • There is no need for you to panic by looking at the question paper this time. You must know that diagrams carry a good percentage of marks. Hence, concentrate carefully while drawing and labelling such questions for better and satisfactory scoring.


ConclusionYou should always try to remember that taking board improvement or compartment examination will be just an indication for you as to how your next final board exam will take place. However, it will certainly boost your performance. Hence, you will be able to perform well in your next final board exams if your preparation is sincere and steady. All that you need to do now is to push yourself and work harder so that you are definitely balanced to face the next final board exam in the right spirit.

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