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How to manage expectations of parents and relatives


manage expectations of parents and relativesExpectation is something which is common to every human being. This is necessary to a certain limit as it acts as a motivating factor for further progress. But, at present expectations run high on parents, relatives and friends with regard to the performance of any student. On the other hand, you as a student will have to cope up with this tremendous stress along with the preparation for the school final as well as the entrance examination. Students of even class 11 or class 12 may pass through the same phase if appropriate counselling is not provided to them at the correct time. This is essential as extreme stress may affect them psychologically, hindering their final results.

Importance of examination stress management

Importance of examination stress managementThough stress during preparation is unavoidable to you, mild stress might be a stimulating factor. If you are preparing for class 12 exam as well as any entrance exam at the same time, you must learn to balance both the preparations effectively. This requires adequate guidance, awareness of the situation and a strong will power. All these are essential to match the expectations of parents, relatives and peers.  A sample survey reveals that out of 436 students, 94 % of them expressed that their parents or guardians have selected or forced their careers on them. This has been done in spite of their disapproval towards the career option that they have adopted. It is necessary here that parents and relatives should be provided career guidance so that their children might enjoy studying the course of their choice.

Psychological symptoms of students

Psychological symptoms of studentsSevere types of psychological symptoms like low confidence levels or depression may occur in many students during the time of examinations. As a result, they may be unsuccessful in managing both the 12th and entrance examinations. This is owing to the fact that they may fall as victims under situations like their own high expectations, parental expectations or peer pressure.  Here, the development of fear can loom large like a monster in their minds by making the scenario more complex for them.

Managing anxiety

Managing anxietySeveral students like you, prepare for various entrance exams, but only a few get the positive desired results. If such a situation occurs, you should decide on adopting correct strategies and right approach not to fall prey to anxiety. You can do this if you prepare a back-up plan. Here, you can shift your career option to the subjects that you like, instead of building up your tension in attempting entrance exams, which you are not comfortable of.  You can discover that there are numerous career options available at present after class 12 final exams. After convincing your parents and relatives, depending upon strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and attitude, you can successfully prepare for the entrance examination that you want to appear for. This fact is vital as your parents and relatives should understand that the preparation for the final school board as well as the entrance exam differ quite a lot. Studying for class 12 exams and other school exams needs quite a bit of continuous learning. On the other hand, speed, accuracy and in-depth knowledge about the subjects are required, to be successful in the entrance examination. In this manner, you will be able to manage your parent’s and relative’s expectations. If your parents respect your dignity, are supportive and maintain a healthy and understanding environment at home, it will be easy for you to manage their expectations.    


The attitude of being positive and in believing yourself will not only assist you in managing your parents, but also in exercising your maximum effort while writing the entrance examinations successfully.

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