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How important is English language fluency for Engineers?

communicationThe words you choose to speak are as important as the decision to speak. This proverb presents the gist about the need for engineers to attain fluency in speaking English language. Engineering is the only subject, which has integrated the entire world through technology. The world has become a platform, where everyone could speak his mind, share ideas, and interact with others to make the dreams come true. English, as a language, has united the great minds in the past only to result in prolific ideas about inventions. When the skyscrapers, large flyovers, great cars and other mind-boggling inventions saw light of the day, the great engineers from around the world shouldered the responsibility and worked together to turn those into realities.  The exchange of ideas took place only through English as the engineers could interact easily on the platform, where technology could grow in to fabulous inventions.

Let’s know about seven factors explaining the why fluency in English a “must” for engineers.

English language- great tool for communicating

great tool for communicatingEnglish is a great language for systematic communication. The first quality of the language is when people use it for exchange of information during communication, ‘simplicity’ of the language always remains its “brevity”. As a dialect, it is easiest to learn. People belonging to every profession could pick up smattering of communication through it and speak it to communicate in a work atmosphere. To communicate properly through this language, a person needs vocabulary strength of only 5oo words. If he has this much of word power, it is enough for effective communication at a work place. As the engineers use their technical jargon during communication, they would not need a really high-powered vocabulary to communicate during working hours. They could achieve highest efficiency simply by having minimum strength in vocabulary that would help them in expressing the most for their work.

English-great for explaining diagrams, sketches, and designs

great for explaining diagrams, sketches, and designsIn a work atmosphere of engineers, diagrams, sketches, and designs are essential for continuing the work. Engineers constantly interact among themselves using such tools for their work. Using simplest form of communication in English, they could express their ideas and work in unity to get complete command over the proficiency in work. Scientists, technologists, and engineers are very comfortable using this language in a highly dynamic work atmosphere. It helps them to remain in touch with each other without any difficulty. As the techno-savvy persons do not appreciate any pompous form of jargon and waste time using verbose, the “simplicity” of English language fulfills their need to a great extent.

English- grand language for power-packed expression

While the engineers work, they need to communicate for self-expression.  For power-packed expression, English language helps a lot with its vocabulary and simplicity in use. The engineers are able to drive the gist of their communication with a modicum of vocabulary that could help in making an effective speech. It is the one language among few languages that helps in building communication and helping in understanding. The expressions through such language are humble without being hurting but those could command loyalty in a workforce.

English expresses superbly the best of positive body language

positive body languageAs a language, English complements greatly with positive body language. Articulations, expressions, signs and gesticulations during the speech are really efficacious when coupled with English language. Engineers have found it as a great beneficiary during a presentation as all such positive expression through body language lends immense strength to make every part of presentation and makes it successful. This is only language used world-wide to help the engineers highest in industrial growth and efficiency of the work-force. A few words in English could form an effective jargon for successful communication, which other languages could deliver only through a lengthy vocabulary and highest efforts in communication.

English- a language of achievers  

Achievers  English is the one of the languages, which does not make use of rhetoric. It is a language which does not support partisanship and sectarianism.  The great speakers of this language had always used rationality while they delivered timeless speeches in history. Moreover, all the super-achievers in Fortune 500 companies around the world hail from various parts of world and literally the versatile minds created magic in technological inventions using English as a medium of interaction. For instance, the software giants like Microsoft and Apple have in their teams of performers from throughout the world but they only use English as the language of communication.

English serves the best with its versatile quotes

As engineering is a very competitive and challenging field, giving motivation to the team members is often a necessity. The effective speaking skill in this language could take help of the best available quotations from various sources to make the speech meaningful and impressive. Take instance of this famous inspirational quotation-“ to the optimist, the glass is half full and to the pessimist, the glass is half empty but to an engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs be”.

Would not this motivational quotation serve its purpose best, when a team of engineers is struggling in a project to make an invention? There are other such motivational sayings that would prove the leadership in a person, who handles large projects and he or she has to do efficient team management. English is now the only language in the world that millions across the world speak and understand and the language has proven mettle for bringing team spirit and leadership.

English- a language of dynamism sans any communication blocks

language of dynamism sans any communication blocksIn the nineties, information technology began making headway, bringing in its wake a new order in the industrial world. It created revolution in creating employment for hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The educational institutions giving courses in information technology mushroomed across the world. The programming languages in information technology were written in English. People around the globe found the amazing benefits of internet as A-Z in information in web was available only in English. Internet brought the entire world together, serving the mythical proverb that “the entire world is one family”.

So this mighty language has ever remained a source full of dynamism. It is extra-ordinarily helpful in creating and developing understanding in the people and unlike the other languages, it does not develop communication blocks, while an exchange of information takes place. So far, it has stayed a great tool for communication, research and development, when every revolution in technology has taken place.

  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: Rs. 15,900
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