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How can e-learning help introvert learners?

e-learningThere goes an interesting proverb about an introvert-”when in doubt, do not go out”. The important thing to know here is that introversion in human nature does not mean shyness in behavior. On the other hand, introverts have sharper intellect with complete self-awareness. They develop profound understanding almost about everything, which they experience.  Introverts are not impulsive and keep their emotions hidden. The only distinguishing point is while mixing with larger groups persons in social functions, the introverts keep reserved and calm. They do not tend to talk more with people who are unfamiliar. Another plus point in the nature of introverts is introverts are apt in the art of observing people, things, and objects around themselves and do not usually let out any off-the-cuff remark.

Other behavioral aspects of introverts

Aspects of introvertsInteraction only with close friends- Introverts does not develop friendship with everyone. They have a few friends and share intimate and deep relationship with them.  But while it comes to accept anyone as friend, they are very selective in the matter and careful about accepting anyone as a friend. This varies with the extroverts, who are normally very outgoing and have wide circles of friends.

Think before share- Unlike the extroverts, introverts do not let out a word without making an in-depth mental analysis about the subject. Before forming an opinion about a particular subject, they go through the topic over and over again in their minds and then express.  Extroverts pass on remarks without deeper analysis and learn only though the opposite reaction that the remarks evoke, while observation is the most efficacious tool in the behavioral aspects of introverts, which help them to analyze and understand gist of every matter.

Mind for profound words- The third most important behavioral aspect about introvert is they do not engage in small and unimportant talks. Although, they do not open conversation with people around themselves but they like to keep proximity with people they love. This gets them people with a lot of life- building material in their words and helps them learn and accept worthy people as friends.

Misconception about Introvert people

Introvert people

As the common understanding goes, introverts are not bashful, detached, reactive, and egotistical. On the contrary, they are well-behaved, calm and quiet and have good personalities.  

Best career options for introverts

Best career for introvertsIntroverts are not fit for the jobs, which require a lot of interaction with people. But the jobs that need in-depth studying, research and analysis are the best options for introverts. Research and development, scientific studies, information technology, accounting, and graphic designing are some of the areas, where they could excel easily.

e-Learning- most efficacious for creativity in introverts

Most efficacious for introvertsLet’s know about e-learning. What is it? It is learning through electronic media. When the learner goes through the subject by reading about it in every bit in internet, it is famous as e-learning. The trend has already come in to existence that whatever learners read in the books, they have the tendency to know more about it from internet and go in-depth about any study.

Internet fits the attitude of introverts

Attitude of introvertsBut as everyone knows, “internet is a network of networks” and usually, it produces vast content, when a person searches for anything in it. Therefore, search or browsing through vast context available in internet requires patience, which is a quality in the character of introverts. But extroverts usually lose patience when they come in contact with vast storehouse of content in any subject while browsing in internet.

Content from e-learning requires in-depth study and understanding

understandingOnly the introverts have special faculty for taking up in-depth study without disturbing attention about content available from internet in e-learning and create concrete understanding about the core of the subject-matter. The studies in research and development, management, and scientific research are highly structured and needs step-by-step analysis and understanding before deriving complete ideas about the context of the study. Such grueling task fits the   nature of introverts and they could easily master the subject and help in further research in the subject.

Observation-the best part in research

Designs, pictures, graphs, and photos are parts of every study, where the students have to make observation of every line from all such collective data. As internet is an integral part of every research now-a-days, introverts have all the qualities in their elements to apply patience for effective learning in any subject. The result is they develop quicker and better grasp about the subject easily and help in the further development of the subject.


How e-learning is different from learning from books?

 From e-learning from booksIn a book, a learner could learn only about the writings and opinions of one author. But the flip side is it does not help in going deep in to any subject. For deriving in-depth knowledge about any subject-matter, a learner needs to buy ten books, which he simply could not afford. But e-learning gives access to content from every book and again it is inexpensive.

How e-learning fits the nature of an introvert person?

Aspects of introvertsWhen it comes to effective learning, it requires intense interaction with the subject-matter and for this a student needs to develop coolness and patience. As it is an inherent part of their nature, introverts do not easily develop frustration, when they come in touch with the complex part of study-material available from net and apply the delicate art of observation, while learning. As a medium of learning, e-learning is available 24×7 in a day and differs from the traditional pattern of teaching in the class-rooms. Going through the subject-matter of a topic in detail is only possible through internet and varies from the traditional medium of learning from books and classrooms. E-learning offers great scope, when it comes to getting clarity about concepts and developing fundamental understanding. As the nature of an introvert goes, he could easily learn and excel from e-learning.

 Interesting facts about introverts

factsOnly one among the three persons is an introvert. As the studies say, introverts go through the subject minutely and make further research from internet and every available source to derive concrete ideas about a particular matter. As History is replete with examples of famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, Frederic Chopin,  Charles Darwin, and Mahatma Gandhi, who proved their great erudition, maturity, genius in different fields.

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