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Life After Clearing IIT JEE

IIT JEEAre you waiting to fly on the wings of your dreams, when you make it through in the Joint Entrance examination (JEE)? As you have come out with flying colors by securing a top place in the entrance examination for engineering, you think your rest of journey in the premier college would just be a cake-walk.  You think opportunities would knock on your door in many forms as you casually walk off the finishing line at the end of course and get hired by the top companies in the world.

Wait, there is a bit of disappointing news for your future life in IIT. It is better you expect struggles and get ready to take those in your stride. As the famous lines from Saint Sri Aurobindo goes- “a prepared mind can face most of the challenge, you now have to make your mind ready for the struggling days ahead in IIT.

IIT- a place for toppers

toppersYou need to psychologically prepare that Indian Institute of Science and Technology is a place, where only best minds meet. So, the important thing is it would offer you an over-competitive atmosphere. There goes no doubt that you have so far stayed the topper of your state but IIT gives you a far different atmosphere and your over-confidence could make you cut a sad figure there. So get ready to face situations that would take the best of your enthusiasm, spirit, intelligence, and courage to get solved.

Stress could take the toll on you

StressThere goes no doubt that IIT is a hyper-active center for learning. You would invariably find that despite putting the best of your efforts, you simply draw a blank. You might always find that your IQ (intelligence quotient) is lower than the rest. You would feel the physical and emotional stress from lagging behind. But take it as just a feeling without getting bogged down by it. If you take your thoughts seriously, you would simply get dragged and end up as a miserable case of failure. Even though, your grades are not fair enough, you need not forget this for a second that you are one from the best of the best minds and you would have enough merit to prove your mettle after you pass out from this institution.

Positive Attitude to tackle depression

Positive attitudeYou are wise when you learn to expect things in an atmosphere, which has steepest competition. When you begin lagging behind, depression is the natural outcome. There could come occasions, where you would hit the bottom in depressing situation. But simply do not give up your fighting instinct. Yoga, hectic physical work-out every day and reading of books on positive thinking could bring a U-turn in your condition. Self-help and confidence is vital in such situations. Literally, depressing thoughts are only dark clouds; the firmament would become lucid clear tomorrow.

Learn to deal with pressure

dealing with pressureYou are young, energetic, and brilliant. But despite all these qualities in you, you would find yourself struggling under pressure in IIT. While you study at IIT, your parents would have high expectation from you and you would also have to face the pressure from your teachers. When you find that your grades are not good enough to meet their expectations, you would naturally come under intense emotional pressure. You need to avoid giving high hopes about your future to your parents. IIT is a place for excellence for learning and it could serve as a door to a professional field. But when you take it as a ladder to success with high expectations, it becomes frustrating in the end.

Faculty not matching your expectations

FacultyUntil your admission in IIT came, you had the love and blessings of your teachers in your school days. But you would find the study atmosphere in IIT is really challenging as the faculty is not that cooperating. The teachers have very high expectations from the students, which as a student you might find tough to fulfill. It is because as the top-most institution of learning, IIT has a grand history of achievers. It is natural when you lag behind and do not do well enough to match tradition of its academic excellence; your teachers simply begin ignoring you. This is the toughest challenge you would find in the atmosphere of learning in IIT. Simply, this must not make you lose your confidence as this is a part of learning process in every reputed institution of learning.

Facing the ego of fellow students

egoThe students from IIT come from different backgrounds like Arts and Commerce. You might face situations, where you find senior students or students from pure Science background showing you too much of insensitive and rude behavior. But remember, this is the way of life there and you need to adjust with every person in the campus. When you persist to continue, everything changes over a period of time.

Examination schedule and gradation system-too hard

scheduleIt is true that the students find the schedule of examination and evaluation for grades too hard in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). When the grades are not satisfactory, students get advised by faculties to attend the same semester once again. This results in frustration in the students. Even best preparation for the examination goes in vain. There is no doubt that when you study in IIT, you would always have to remain on your toe. Self-concentration and disciplined living with hard work are vital necessities, while you study in IIT. Without such qualities, you would surely face dejection in its over-competitive atmosphere.