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How to battle anxiety and nervousness during examination?

anxiety during examinationIn today’s world competition is too high and the number of exams a student is giving to prove his or her worthiness is numerous. As the exams are numerous and are getting tougher day by day; the anxiety level, is also at an extreme level during and before the exam. However, during exam it goes to another level which needs to be handled by students in a very calm manner and with some important techniques.

Overcoming Apprehension

Overcoming ApprehensionThe word “exam” comes with fear, tension and anxiety; and is considered to be a devilish thing. It is very important to overcome the apprehension during exams; which is not possible without proper techniques. As the competition is tough even the toppers bear the anxiety issue along with other fellow students. Even though these students have prepared very well for the exam like IIT JEE, NEET (AIPMT), BITSAT etc., then also they might feel nervousness during the exam. So this issue is not only with average or poor students, but it is with all the students, but at different levels. There are few of the techniques which a student can utilize during the exam in order to overcome this issue.

Be Confident

Be ConfidentAnxiety can bring you down and crash you during your exam; you might lose and forget the topics that you have studied so far. If the question asked in the question paper is little twisted, then you might get confused and lose marks. Due anxiety you might feel that the question asked in the paper, is out of Syllabus. This is the situation many students face during exam and to overcome this they can do some simple techniques. The first technique is to close your eyes and breathe slow for longer duration. This is the most important stress relieving technique that a student can use to overcome anxiety during the exam. This will for sure reduce your stress and help you in your exam to remember everything and proceed further with the paper. If you feel nervous, take a break for two minutes, relax and then begin answering your paper.

Take time for Relaxation

RelaxTry to be calm when you are not able to answer questions or confused with your answer. Relax for a minute and then try for some questions which you expect to answer easily. Each seconds count in the exam. You must be wondering, why I tell you to a minute to relax. But then, if you have anxiety attack and you are trying more and more to solve the question, you tend to waste more time.  This happens as mind is unable to work because of anxiety. So, the best thing to do is relaxing for a minute which will make your mind calm and allow you to think properly. Then proceed with some other questions which you think that you can solve easily, this will make your mind calm and relax, and your flow will be smooth in the exam.

The third technique might look like a silly technique but it is not, count 10-1 backwards; this will actually slow down the brainwave frequency. It will allow your brain to relax and will clear your tension. Once the tension is down, you can research for some keywords and special words related to the question that can trigger the answers. Try to remember the environment and the situation when you have studied the topic, this will help you to recollect the topic and hence start working on the paper as soon as you get the answer and proceed further.

Carry a Bottle of Water

Bottle of WaterNext is not any technique however one of the necessary stuff for life surviving. Take a small bottle of water in the examination room with you; this will be of great help to you during your exam. Whenever your mind stop working and tension is getting on the nerve during the exam then stop for a while, drink water in a limited quantity and then proceed with the paper. In the meantime oxygen will reach to your mind as water contains oxygen and your brain will start working on immediate basis. You will be surprised to see that your mind started working and the question with which you were confused now able to solve properly. Hence it will relax your mind as well.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

Avoid Negative ThoughtsAnother exercise which students can do during the exam is replacing all negative thoughts with positive thoughts and feel confident about the paper. Do not think negative at all during the exam that you cannot pass or you cannot solve this question. Keep yourself motivated by saying that you can do it. It is very important to be confident and positive in the exam, this will definitely help you to overcome anxiety during the exam. Also, anxiety level will be less if you are fully and thoroughly prepared for the exam, this can be done before the exam only but will for sure helps you to keep the anxiety level down during the exam. Also, avoid people who are negative in their thoughts or those who are complaining about the failure, even before they have given or appeared for the test/ exam.


ConclusionHowever, preparing well for the exams and having a through revision also helps in battling anxiety during exams. Make sure that you have studied well, are through with all the important topics and concepts and also have done a revision from your revision notes. When, you are well prepared you will not feel nervous nor you will get jitters in exams. Going to bed early and using some sort of aromatherapy or oil therapy to relax will boost your memory power and will relax you in a great manner. When you wake up fresh on the day of your exam, you will not get any anxiety attacks while giving exam. During exams students can perform these exercises and use these techniques in order to overcome tension, fear, anxiety and any kind of confusion. If in case, in spite of everything the anxiety or nervousness still persists, then it is suggested to discuss this issue with your parents/ counsellors and ask for help. All the best!!!

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