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Andhra Pradesh: the cultivator of highest number of IITians

Andhra Pradesh: the cultivator of highest number of IITiansWhen sky is the limit for the dreams to shape then why not use all the energy to fly high? Since time immemorial, India had been the education hub where people from various places came over to acquire knowledge. The ancient universities like Nalanda or Taxila offered the best of education at that vintage time. Perfectly to match with our glorious past the present times also keep education as the basic priority. India is considered one of the best countries across the globe in the education scenario. The curriculum layout from the basics to the topmost levels is exemplary. The educational set ups are constantly revised by scholars of proficient knowledge.

To groom the children with the best of education along with the right value systems has been an important resolution since independence. Right from building up intelligent students as well as faithful citizens needed a full proof curriculum to be followed. The apt kind of syllabus always ensures knowledge based study and creating a hardworking trait to pursue higher studies with ease. The ambitions also needed to be nurtured in a healthy way. This would help the students to achieve goals through perseverance. Take any state of India and one would find the curriculum very competitive and exactly designed to groom students for the corporate or academic success.

Majoring in any subject require Majoring in any subject require a lot of hard work to put through.We have seen though there is always a trend of the brightest students to join the most famous and supreme technological Institute, IIT. Hence there are preconceived ideas and notions on how to crack through the toughest entrance exam in India. Surveying this trend one could find that Andhra Pradesh in India produces the most number of IITians. It’s truly a matter to rethink as why Andhra is the largest cultivator of IITians?

It seems that on an average every house of Andhra has an IItian!Analyzing the facts about why Andhra tops the list of IITians compels us to think that they have a very good schooling system that ensures the success of the students. Along with the main cities all over Andhra has a good structure of higher secondary education. IIT, Hyderabad has an inspiring influence on the students. They are just smitten by the aura of these prestigious institutes. Some of the expert opinionate that there are really good coaching classes in Andhra Pradesh who thoroughly groom the aspirants to crack the grueling IIT JEE.

Andhra PradeshAn IIT Professor had to say that students from South India come all the way to Hyderabad to get the best coaching for IIT JEE and crack the exam. They along with the native Andhra students pose a great number.There are a great number of coaching classes in Andhra Pradesh who enables the students to score good marks and ranks in IIT JEE.These classes are equipped with the latest processes to prepare for the exam. Students are trained by qualified faculties. They are prepared for the interviews and group discussions to ensure success. The parents are relieved by paying the fees and the reputed centres do the rest to make the candidates confident enough. 

This makes sense why Andhra Pradesh leads in the IIT JEE throughout India. Undoubtedly the results since last a few years support the fact that AP is the cultivator of the highest number of IITians.