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Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Chemistry is the science of substances, their properties, structures and their transformation.
As all objects in the universe are made of matter. Chemistry is the branch of the science which deals with the study of material object.  Study of chemistry is very interesting which covers various aspects of our culture and environment. All development in any science are based on scientific approach as in chemistry too. 

As the name suggests, in this chapter we are going to study about some very basic concepts used in chemistry. We will study the basic and fundamental concepts on which the whole chemistry is based.

The concepts which we will study in this chapter are basic of all the other chapters of chemistry and thus it is very important that you must understand this chapter very clearly.

It is advised to undergo this chapter number of times and try to understand each and every word given in this chapter very clearly because if you don’t get these concepts you will never be able to get good command on chemistry. So, if you want to score good in chemistry exam, you must learn this chapter perfectly.

At askIITians we have tried to provide you the best study material of chemistry for IIT JEE with an attractive and easy to understand approach. We have included the video lectures of chemistry also in our study material which will help you ti understand the concepts more effectively.

The topics covered under the chapter are


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