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What is the Melting point of deoxyribo nucleic acid?

What is the Melting point of deoxyribo nucleic acid?


3 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
one year ago
Dear student 
The melting point of deoxyribo nucleic acid is 50 degree celsius. 
Melting point of DNA is related to the GC content of it. Since GC forms three hydrogen bonds, while AT forms two hydrogen bonds, the more GC you have in your DNA the higher the melting point will be. If the GC content is about 50%, the melting point is around 50C
Hope this will help 
Goo Luck
25763 Points
one year ago
While the ratio of G (Guanine) to C (Cytosine) and A (Adenine) to T (Thymine) in an organism's DNA is fixed, the GC content (percentage of G +C) can vary considerably from one DNA to another. The percentage of GC content of DNA has a significant effect on its Tm. Because G-C pairs form three hydrogen bonds, while A-T pairs form only two, the higher the percentage of GC content, the higher its Tm. Thus, A double-stranded DNA rich in G and C needs more energy to be broken than one that is rich in A and T, meaning higher melting temperature(Tm). Above the Tm, DNA denatures, and below it, DNA anneals. Annealing is the reverse of denaturation.
Hence it is not fixed
550 Points
9 months ago
Tm depends on the length of the DNA molecule and its specific nucleotide sequence. DNA, when in a state where its two strands are dissociated (i.e., the dsDNA molecule exists as two independent strands), is referred to as having been denatured by the high temperature.
Step Melting ΔG°37 (Kcal/mol)
G C -2.70

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