What is the difference between blastula and blastocyst?

What is the difference between blastula and blastocyst?

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5 years ago

blastula, in general, is a spherical mass of cells surrounding a fluid formed after 5–8 days of fertilization.

In mammals, the blastula is specifically called a blastocyst. It is characteristically lined by a layer of trophoblast cells and a bunch of pluripotent cells called the Inner Cell Mass (I.C.M) or embryoblast at one end of the blastocyst. the fluid filled cavity is called the blastocoel. The I.C.M develops to form the fetus while the trophoblast develops to form the placenta.

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A blastula is a hollow ball of cells, while the blastocyst occurs slightly later in mammalian development and has a defined inner mass and an outer layer of trophoblast.

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