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S.G PANDA Grade:
What is microbial enzyme???? Pls reply. i need it plz reply because no answer found from internet regarding this
one month ago

Answers : (2)

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty
255 Points
										MIcrobial enzymes are extracted from microbes using recombinant DNA technology
Some examples of microbial enzymes are:
Lipase-Some of the lipase-producing bacterial genera include Bacillus, Pseudomonas and some fungi
Some enzymes like Lactase,Proteinase , Amylase have also been extracted from microbes.
one month ago
SR Roy
60 Points
Enzymes are considered as a potential biocatalyst for a large number of reactions. Particularly, the microbial enzymes have widespread uses in industries and medicine. The microbial enzymes are also more active and stable than plant and animal enzymes. In addition, the microorganisms represent an alternative source of enzymes because they can be cultured in large quantities in a short time by fermentation and owing to their biochemical diversity and susceptibility to gene manipulation. Industries are looking for new microbial strains in order to produce different enzymes to fulfil the current enzyme requirements.
Hope You are satisfied with this.
one month ago
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