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Please answer the attached question. Doubt b/w option (1) and (2)!

Please answer the attached question. Doubt b/w option (1) and (2)!

Question Image
Grade:12th Pass

1 Answers

S. Giri
63 Points
3 years ago
Hii friend, Reaction of alkyl halide with (RX) with sodium alkoxide (RO-Na) is called as Williamson`s synthesis okkk ...For example R-X + RO-Na. = R-O-R. + NaX. This chemical reaction is same as you shown in your attachment. While Williamson`s continuous synthesis of ether is another chemical reaction in which an alcohol react with an alkyl halide using NaOH base to form ether. For example R^1OH. + R^2X. = R^1-O-R^2 + HX. This reaction takes place in presenc of NaOH. * Hence correct answer is first i.e. Williamson`s Synthesis.* I hope you got it this well.

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