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I've heard that ' If we talk while eating our eyes will get affected' is it true?

I've heard that ' If we talk while eating our eyes will get affected' is it true?


2 Answers

25763 Points
2 years ago
If we talk and eat, the food will not get digested and it will create low quality sugar, low quality fat, etc. What is wrong if we talk while eating? When we open the mouth for speaking, air enters the mouth. When the food and saliva are together doing the digesting work, the digestion is spoiled by the air entering inside. Air is the enemy for proper digestion in the mouth. We have already seen that we should chew the food with our lips closed. If we talk while eating, we cannot follow this guideline.
Apurva Sharma
214 Points
2 years ago
if we talk while eating it can cause chocking, as we talk air enters the mouth and passes the pharynx alongwith the food. the air signals to open the epiglottis and food can enter our windpipe (causing death in severe cases). also while talking we do not chew the food prpoperly and it gets difficult to digest it. 
thus, talking while eating is not directly related to eyes but can lead to bad circumstances.
hope it helps then do give a thumbsup! :)

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