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how to identify the tissue type which is present in particular body type?

how to identify the tissue type which is present in particular body type?


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 164 Points
6 years ago
Hello Student,
Tissue are made up of similar type of cells and performs a common function. There are mainly four types of tissue in human body: –
  1. Epithelial : – It is found in our body skin and it protects our body from moisture loss, bacteria and internal injury. these are of two types 1) Lining epithelium and 2) Glandular epithelium
  2. Connective : – It mainly provides structural support to our body. Also 2 types 1) Loose connective tissue and 2) Fibrous connective tissue
  3. Nervous : – It is resposible for coordinating the activities and movement of our body by forming a network called nervous system.
  4. Muscle : – These are of three types according to their function. 1) Skeletal, 2) smooth, and 3) cardiac.
So there are different types of tissues for different functions and needs and of our body. We can simply identify them according to their function and location in our body. For Example ; – Heart is made up of Cardiac Tissue, ligaments and tendons have fibrous connective tissue, etc.

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